H20 To Go Splashes Here with Students

By Brad Kruger and Alex James Cummins

It seems that teenagers these days like anything that’s portable.  Penn Manor students are no different, especially with bottled water.  They would rather carry water than go to the fountain.

The International Bottled Water Association said that since 2009, bottled water consumption in the United States increased to 8.75 billion gallons of water. Every person in America is now drinking, on average, around 28.3 gallons of bottled water as of last year.

Don’t be surprised to be walking the halls of Penn Manor and feel like an outcast without a plastic bottle of water in hand.

“Most definitely, in every class there is a good 75-80 percent of kids with a water bottle slurpin’ away,” said Austin Richwine.

Water bottles are popular with students and teachers because they are convenient and eliminate trips to the water fountain.

“Yeah a lot of people seem to have a water bottle nowadays,” said senior Mitch Domin, who usually brings a water bottle to school.

The rise in bottled water in Penn Manor has many reasons.

One common reason is people feel bottled water is better in taste and even health than the water at school water fountains.

“Some of the school water fountains are warm,” said physical education teacher Billie Jo Atkins.

“People want nice clean, crisp water so they bring it in themselves,” said Domin.

“I don’t think the water fountains taste very good,” said senior Taylor Goldberg.

Cindy Bachman enjoys her daily bottle of water

“Millersville water is horrible, I always have a water bottle with me in school,” said Cindy Bachman, Athletic Director Secretary

The IBWA also wants consumers to know that bottled water safety and quality result from multiple layers of regulation and standards at the federal, state and industry levels.

The industry is touting that bottled water is truly going to be clean and pure, and taste incredible.

Another reason students and teachers have been bringing in bottles of water is because they are easy to carry on the go.

“They are more easily accessible then having to sign out and go to a water fountain and are good for after-school activites,” said Richwine

Students love having their their water bottles in class and most teachers are okay with it.

“I don’t have a problem if the students have it in class,” said Steven Widener, a physical education teacher at Penn Manor.

Widener also stated that it is more convenient for him and the students because they don’t have to leave in the middle of class just to get a drink.