Lacrosse the Fastest Growing Sport and Lifestyle

By Brady Charles –

Lacrosse is shaking off its cobwebs, and coming into the 21st century stronger then ever.

It may have been the first sport in North America, and it may be the fastest growing sport in the United States today, but the sport went into a long hiatus until a steep rise in popularity in the 21st century.

Lacrosse is gaining popularity throught out the years. Photo by

Lacrosse was first created by the Native Americans as a preparation for war, it was later adapted and raised by the Canadians. According to US Lacrosse, youth participation has increased 138 percent since 2001, and no sport has grown as quickly at the high school or college level in the past decade.

Everything about the sport is fast.  Lacrosse is a sport of quickness and speed, not brawn nor size.

“Anyone can be good no matter what size, it’s all about your stick skills and how well you can use your body,” said Harrison Manning, a senior attackmen for the Penn Manor lacrosse team.

With no required size, anyone can play the sport whose popularity is drawing athletes from other sports.

“It’s really interfering with baseball since they’re in the same season. I played baseball growing up, but once I was old enough to play lacrosse there was no doubt that’s what I wanted to play,” said junior midfielder Adam Hess.

“A lot of kids are making the transition from baseball to lacrosse,” said Hess.

Manning also guesses that the reason for lacrosse’s popularity is because kids love the fast-paced play and excitement.

Lacrosse is a sport gathering people from all different cultures and regions around the country.

“The growth started in the Northeast and is now spreading to the South and is very popular in the West now,” said Hess.

Although its popularity is spreading throughout the country, the best teams in the country still reside on the east coast.

“The powerhouse teams are still the teams from the Northeast such as Calvert Hall, Boys Latin, Conestoga, Haverford, West Islip, I don’t see that changing,” said Manning.

Lacrosse is not only a sport, it’s a lifestyle for some.

“It’s definitely trending. I see kids everywhere wearing lacrosse pinnies, people love the perception they get,” said Manning.

The growth of the sport is leading to a “overflow” of so called “Lax Bros.”

The stereotype of a “Lax Bro” includes having a very strange way with their words.  Lacrosse jargon includes words such as flow, lettuce, bro, gnarly, Rip the Duck, spoon, bucket. The fashion includes lacrosse pinnies, pastel shorts, mid-calves, fitted hats, and long curly hair.

“I think their whole perception is pathetic, it makes no sense to me,” said senior Bob Warfel.

” I don’t understand it, the words they use don’t make any sense,” said senior Sara Bennis.

Although some may not understand the culture of Lacrosse, the rise of the sport is surging.



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