Are You a Cinna’man’?

By Ryan Flexman and Jordan Rineer-

Men around the world are finding a new way to prove their manhood, and so are the boys at Penn Manor.

Who would think that choking on cinnamon or vomiting milk would prove anything to anybody? But what started out as two kids having fun has changed into a small international phenomenon that’s catching on at Penn Manor.

“The real reason I did [the cinnamon challenge] was to impress the girls,” said Kyle Musser, Penn Manor junior who tried the challenge and videoed himself.

Penn Manor sophomore and friend tries cinnamon challenge. Photo from facebook

The cinnamon challenge is the new phase that teenagers are obsessing over. They start with a tablespoon of pure cinnamon. They then have 60 long seconds to swallow it all without taking a drink. Most of the time, this process results in vomiting and choking from the dry cinnamon. Side affects include uncontrolled coughing, burning, nausea, breathlessness, and the overwhelming feeling of failure.

“A mushroom cloud of cinnamon came out of my mouth,” said Musser.

The internet sensation went viral as soon as the first video of someone taking the challenge was posted in 2007.  Since then, more than 5,000 videos were posted all over the internet of people attempting the cinnamon challenge, the majority of them being men, or boys, or boys trying to prove they are men, through cinnamon.

Like many dares, this one can be dangerous.

Doctors are persuading teenagers to avoid the challenge because they could possibly burn the tissue in their nose and throat. Also, if the cinnamon is inhaled, there’s a high chance of severe chest pain.

Schools around the nation have sent home advisories to show the possible consequences of the cinnamon challenge.

Pottstown Middle School in Pennsylvania has banned boots because kids were sneaking cinnamon into the school to try the challenge during school hours. All open top boots are banned there, the students may wear them to school but not in school.

“I haven’t encountered anybody in the past several days who feels like this cinnamon challenge is anything other than ridiculous and potentially dangerous,” said John Armato, Pottstown’s School District spokesperson.

Carmen Ana Rodriguez, principal of Clinton Avenue School, witnessed students doing the cinnamon challenge and turned her head on the incident, according to a recent news report on CBS news. She is now on administrative leave and her future with the school is questionable.

“Teenagers like to try fun and daring things, sometimes they don’t pay attention to the potential risks as much as they should,” said Musser.