AMC’s Walking Dead makes Eventful Return

By Dayonte Dixon and Joey Jackson –

The wait is finally over.  AMC’s The Walking Dead season two returned last Sunday with a suspenseful and action-filled premiere episode. And even though accounting issues forced the season to be delayed a few months, the show picks back up seconds after where the last episode left off.

Previous Episodes Recap (SPOILER ALERT)

The World has been overrun during a zombie apocalypse. A small group fights to stay alive while searching for refuge. Obstacles continuing to rise. From dodging walkers (zombies), to finding transportation and not to mention the food and water shortages.

The crew holds strong to their faith as each of the places they travel to have failed to survive the apocalypse. At the end of the first half of season two, the crew is holding up on a farm that is currently a safe haven for a few other survivors. Both groups decide to combine their supplies and fire power, but the crew soon learns that this safe haven isn’t as safe as they thought.

The crew discovers that those who were at the farm before they arrived, were storing walkers in a barn with hopes that they would discover a cure. With safety in mind, the current walker situation begins to divide the group; those who think that they should keep the walkers in the barn, and those who believe it is to dangerous. This tension continued to build up to the point where one of the crew members break down and lets the walkers out of the barn. With the walkers storming out of the barn, the crew has no choice but to take fire. A decision that, to him, seemed a necessary precaution, but to others appeared as a massacre of their friends and family members.

Part of the show’s allure has developed from the constant cliff-hangers, which is common in most popular television shows.

“I don’t know what it is, the cliffhangers are so good,” senior AMC fanatic Aaron Sellers explains. “They remind me of LOST how good they are.”

But now-a-days a show with cliff hangers are a dime-a-dozen, what sets The Walking Dead apart is the character development and broad plots.

“The first half of the second season was pretty uneventful, all of that was character development,” Sellers continued. “Everybody can find someone they like and can relate to on the show.”

Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead. Photo Courtesy

The Walking Dead series spread through Penn Manor like a wild fire; with a considerable amount people in Penn Manor admitting that they watch the show, or have at least seen one episode.

Some Penn Manor teens are a part of an 11-member Facebook group dedicated to AMC original series, where they can discuss current episodes or other things like future air dates or marathons.

If you’ve missed out on the craze of The Walking Dead, the first season is now available on Netflix instant play, while other season two episodes are frequently reruning on AMC. Once you’ve caught up, the new episodes air on AMC, channel 36 in Millersville, at 9:00 Sunday nights.

Other things to keep your eye on this year on AMC is the fifth seasons of the award winning shows Breaking Bad and Mad Men. The final season of Breaking Bad is set to return in July while Mad Men comes back on March 25, both of this year.

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