Penn Manor Senior Couple Play on same Hockey Team

By Errol Hammond –

Some people might think Ryan DiCamillo playing and practicing on the same hockey team with his girlfriend is weird, but DiCamillo doesn’t think it’s even unusual.

“We act as teammates,” said DiCamillo. “We don’t act like we’re dating when we’re on the ice. We just play the game, so it’s not weird.”

It’s the first year that DiCamillo, also know as “Dico,” has ever played hockey on an actual team.

Ryan Di Camillo and Jessie Capanelli are dating and are teammates. Photo by Errol Hammond

His girlfriend, Jessie Capanelli, however, has been playing singe age 10.

Although it’s his first year, he has done very well.

Teammate Braden Kruger (goalie for the Comets) had positive things to say about the couple.

“Being on the same team with them is unique and kinda cool,” said Kruger.

Dico said he wasn’t intimated to come out for a new sport in his final year of high school.

“It’s senior year,” he said.  “I like the sport and it’s something to do. Plus it would be cool to do it with her.”

DiCamillo is supportive of his girlfriend and proud of her accomplishments. She received a scholarship and recently committed to Stevenson University to play ice hockey there.

“I’ll be watching her play,” said DiCamillo.  “It’s not a far drive and she’ll play on the weekend, so it’ll work out well.”

But DiCamillo can’t completely separate his feelings for his girl when she’s playing on the team.

“Alright, if she gets hit clean then I’m cool with it,” laughed DiCamillo. “Then when she get’s hit dirty, ’cause she’s a girl, then I get [mad] and hit them, but it’s hockey you know, so…that’s how that works.”

Playing a good season on a team with his girlfriend for the first year was a fun way for Dico to end senior year.

“I had fun playing with her and the team this season,” he said.  “I would have started in my freshman year if I could go back.”