Should Couples Really Share Everything?

By Blake Wales and Brandon Bowers –

Is it just about trust or is it to embarrass the person after they break up? Either way, more and more couples are giving away private information to each other. However, for some it’s beginning to come back and bite them.

As the years have progressed, couples have been giving each other things to remind them of their boyfriend or girlfriend like, hoodies, t-shirts, and other items. Nowadays, because of technology being so popular, couples are sharing passwords to their Facebook profiles, emails, and even phones to view texts.

Reagan Forrey, a senior at Penn Manor, believes that these things are not just limited to couples.

“I had to give my password to Dezire Nightlife because I’m a promoter and they send me dance party information to give out,” Forrey said.

But it can become a big problem if a boyfriend or girlfriend has the password to their spouses Facebook account. They may post crude things for everyone to see, humiliate the person, and make fun of them if the relationship doesn’t work out.

Rupp gave her password to gain trust. Photo by Blake Wales

“I gave my password to someone so he could trust me,” said Penn Manor Junior Melanie Rupp.

It doesn’t always end so well, of course. Changing a password is simple, but sometimes the damage is done before the password can be changed. And the sharing of online lives can be the reason a relationship falters.

“My boyfriend cheated on me so I changed mine back,” Bonnie Prebola Penn Manor junior said.

The stories of fallout include a boyfriend or girlfriend who is spurned then tries to humiliate their ex by e-mails, text, and Facebook posts, using their password.

A Penn Manor junior’s ex went on his Facebook and posted things about him after they broke up.

Garner learned a lesson about giving his password away. Photo by Blake Wales

“I didn’t give my password to her, she somehow hacked my Facebook account and posted a bunch of mean stuff about me,” said junior Eric Garner. “She called me names and said I was the worst boyfriend ever,” recalled Garner.

Couples who think it is okay to share everything, even a password, is at risk of getting hurt after the relationship is over.

If you’re in a relationship, think of the consequences before you give your password to your spouse, before it’s too late.


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