Penn Manor Ice Hockey Skates over L-S

By Travis Wells –

The Comets rallied to beat the Lampeter-Strasburg Pioneers on the ice Wednesday at the Lancaster Ice Rink.

“We really played well together, and our goalie Brad Kruger had some key saves that helped us win,” said junior Kevin Reinhart, 19 for Penn Manor.

Penn Manor got off to a really good start with three goals by number 21 Austin Dittenhaufer. Dittenhaufer first scored with 4:35 in the first period and after getting warmed up there was no stopping him. He scored three minutes later after breaking two L-S defenders’ ankles.

Penn Manor ice hockey team gears up for their game vs. L-S. Photo by Travis Wells

And he wasn’t done there, rushing out onto the ice he scored again within the first 20 seconds of the second period.

“I was just feeling really good,” said Dittenhaufer. “I was really in the zone,” he said later on.

After a loss to West York 7-8 the Comets needed to win to get their record back to 500.

L-S tried to score but couldn’t handle the Comets goalie, Kruger who had an amazing nine saves. The Pioneers scored with eight minutes left in the second period.

Penn Manor wasn’t too happy with the score so two minutes later Jesse Capanelli 33 showed her skills on the ice and scored to keep the lead of 3.

The game just kept getting worse for the Pioneers. Matt Gue, and Kevin Reinhart score three more times in the third period.

Things got a little heated toward the end with Nick Young, and Zach Plank from Penn Manor getting ejected from the game with five minutes left.  They will not return and play in the next game. But the loss of the two players still wasn’t enough for L-S to come back and win.

The game ended 7-2 Penn Manor.

“We had a really good game,” said Ryan DiCamillo. “It was a really well played game on our part,” he went on to say.