Remediation takes on Penn Manor’s Juniors

By Becca Frankford –

After too many years of too-low PSSA scores, Penn Manor High School decided to make a change and although it’s taken a Herculean effort to execute the schedule, it’s in full operation.

“Not any major problems, so far it’s off to a great start,” Phil Gale said in an interview about what remediation entails and how it’s going to improve juniors’ test taking skills in the future.

Remediation to help Juniors Prepare for SATs and upcoming ACTs. Photo credit

The remediation includes juniors at Penn Manor students who have had low scores based off the benchmark tests on reading and math. They have remediation every day during enrichment periods blocks one, two, three and four.

“Its for the 11th graders… It’s to help them prepare for basic reading and math skills for the PSSAs, SAT, ACT and core classes,” Gale stated on what the remediation sessions are for, and what they will be accomplishing, “It will be very beneficial.”

Gale has high hopes for the upcoming seniors of 2013, and has a little treat for the students who do well throughout remediation.

“Rewards will be given,” said Gale.

Remediation is planned to run until at least the PSSA testing in March.  A decision will be made later whether remediation will run until the end of the 2012 school year.