It Only Takes One Mistake on an ATV

By David Burch and Kevin Holton –

You may be old and experienced, but you’re still at risk.

All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) accidents are a tragic possibility even when safety measures are followed. Recently a Lancaster County man was killed on an ATV as a passenger.

Since off-road riding is a popular pasttime among Penn Manor students, the safety of ATVs is an important issue here.

“I’ve been riding my four wheeler for six years,” said Penn Manor senior Matthew Shroyer. “I’m still taking a risk every time I go out and ride.”

Shroyer explained some of the safety precautions he takes and recommended the same to others before getting on any kind of ATV.

“Before every time I ride, my dad goes over my four wheeler and makes sure everything is working properly,” said Shroyer.  “Every time I ride I make sure I’m wearing my helmet, goggles, chest protector, neck brace, long sleeve shirt, long sleeve pants, boots and occasionally a mouth guard.”

Shroyer stated that every ATV has a list of safety precautions on the plastic fender that every rider should follow.

After hearing about the 42-year-old Lancaster County man recently dying in an ATV accident in Potter County, Shroyer said it reminded him of  a personal story of an accident that effected his life while riding his ATV.

Matt Shroyer had to get 7 screws in his collar bone as a result of the accident. Photo courtesy of Shroyer

“It was my third lap of practice and I had a bad feeling,” Shroyer said. “I hit a jump and when I landed, my wheel broke and my front end hit the dirt.  I flew over the bars and landed right on my head and shoulder.  I laid there for a while and I was in a lot of pain. I got hauled off to the hospital and I ended up with a concussion and a broken collar bone.”

Zach Sinz, a Penn Manor junior, also described a story of an accident he suffered while riding an ATV.

“I was in ninth grade and I was riding in the mountains with my friends,” said Sinz. “I didn’t know the terrain I was riding on and was going too fast for the conditions. I flew off the trail and hit a tree and flipped down a hill. Luckily I was wearing my protective gear and walked away with only minor scratches.”

Both students were very lucky their accidents weren’t life threatening. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how experienced you are when riding ATV because there’s always a chance that you won’t walk away  unharmed.

“Anytime someone gets in control of any kind of ATV,  they should have the proper gear on, ” said Penn Manor senior Dylan Tremellen, “Even if your only riding to the end of your driveway.”

Penn Manor Senior Braden Kruger shows how to have fun and stay safe while riding


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