Top Halloween Costumes for 2011 range from Scary to Vampy

By  Chris Fleming –

Get ready to see candy hungry zombies roaming the streets October 31.

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“A lot of zombie stuff has been selling well and old school stuff like Mario Brothers,” said a sales associate at the Fruitville Pike Party City, a popular place for teens and adults to buy costumes.

Some students said that they have dressed up as zombies in the past or are thinking about it this year and that a cheap way to do it is to wear old or ripped clothes and just use make up to get the zombie effect to look good.

According to USAToday, the most popular costumes this year include:

1. Zombies

2. Pirate

3. Vampire

4. Witch

5. Batman

According to, the new cool costumes are usually based on the new good movies that have been released recently.

According to the same website, a popular choice among teenagers this year is going to be characters from the new movies Green Hornet and the newer Pirates of the Caribbean.

Over 13 percent of adults are dressing up as a witch this year according to USAtoday and other iconic figures such as sports and political stars are always popular.

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“”I was going to go to a Halloween party as Michael Phelps, because I’m a swimmer, and wear some fake gold medals,” said Senior Ryan Dettrey.

Being a celebrity can also be a popular way to dress up for Halloween. Senior Logan White took this route last year,” I was Steven Seagal last year for Halloween because me and my friends always watch his movies and laugh really hard.”

Other students don’t follow any trend.

“A cat because it fits with my black uniform,” said  Megan Haines.

Another popular way to dress up is to dress up with another person to match, Jessica Huber plans on doing that this year with senior Liam Kline.

” I’m going to be Sandy from Greese, and Liam Kline is going to match me by being Danny.” said Jessica Huber.

” Olivia, my youngest daughter, wants to be a fairy and my son AJ wants to be someone from Star Wars like he usually is,” said Krista Cox, assistant principle here at Penn Manor.

” My 11 year old daughter is dressing up as a girl from the 80’s for Halloween and my 7 year old son is wearing a Ghost Busters costume,” said Eric Howe, also an assistant principle at Penn Manor.