Penn Manor Hosts October ACT Test

By Taylor Goldberg –

Attention: all students interested in taking the ACT.

If you are curious as to why the ACT could be a supplement or an added bonus to your SAT scores, the answers are easy.

To start, you have the option of taking a writing test that tends to reward creative writers. The test has been proven to be more successful for those with a more “imaginative” mindset. Keep in mind that the SAT and ACT are different tests, they can measure different skill levels. Students’ strengths and weaknesses can determine better performance on one test instead of the other.

Penn Manor hosts the ACT test on October 22. Photo courtesy of couresy of Amazon.

Another benefit is that the registration fee for the ACT is less than that of the SAT.

Finally, the majority of state colleges are accepting ACT scores along with, or even without, the score of an SAT test.

Penn Manor is hosting ACT tests on Saturday October 22. Students planning to take the ACT are required to bring : ID, admission ticket, #2 pencils with a good eraser, a permitted calculator such as a TI-89, a watch (optional) and a snack to munch on during breaks.

Anyone planning to take the test should not bring any type of electronic device such as MP3 players or cell phones. Students are also encouraged not to bring reading material, notes, scratch paper, highlighters, colored pencils/pens or dictionaries.

You can sign up for ACT test at Visit the counseling office to receive more information such as the school code and details on signing up for your ACT test.