Penn Manor School Board Focuses on Test Scores

By Adam Rohrer and Alexander Sanchez-Cruz –

Even after enrichment programs were put into place last year, several subgroups at Penn Manor High School continued to fail to meet state math standards for the second year in a row, which had the school board questioning the efforts Monday.

Math scores did not show adequate improvement at the high school for the second year in a row. Since this problem has persisted for two years school board members were questioning the direction and effectiveness of enrichment efforts so far.

Board members said they had hoped to see better improvement after all the enrichment that took place in the high school during the past year, which included all subject teachers teaching math during the enrichment period.

At least one school board member wondered if other subject teachers were prepared to teach math.

If there is a third year of declining scores, a restructuring program for the high school math department is slated.

Two subgroups in the high school also did not make Adequate Yearly Progress, AYP, as well.

The board approved change orders totaling $75,249 to construction costs at Central Manor Elementary School.

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  1. yeah, only teaching scatter plots during enrichment will REALLY help us… i dont remember seeing a single scatter plot problem. and it also helps a lot when some teachers dont even teach math for enrichment. hmmm… think on that for awhile.

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