Update your Playlists for the Summer

By Storm Kelley –

Break in the summer with new music from some of your favorite artists.

The list includes artists ranging from a number of genres. Country music by Eric Church, some post-hardcore by Attack! Attack!, “run the world” with R&B singer Beyonce, Get rowdy with Flogging Molly’s new CD, Speed of Darkness, then rap things up with rapper Lil Wayne, The Carter IV.

Lil Wayne's Carter IV Album Cover. Courtesy of RapUp.com

Country star Eric Church re-enters the scene with his new CD, Chief, being released on July 26. Church released his single, titled “Homeboy” for the album, on February 28. Some tracks on his new album include “Drink in my hand”, “Springsten” and “Over when its over.”  According to Billboard.com, Church’s single is rated number 21 on this weeks most popular country songs chart.

Looking for some beats to drive around with? Lil Wayne releases his new CD in the Carter series, The Carter IV, on June 21. After much anticipation for Wayne’s new album and many delays, Zimbio.com released information about rapper Lil Wayne’s mix-tape leak. Songs that the album are to include are titles, Exclusive, How you doing, and a hidden track, Call of Duty. Wayne calls upon a few other rappers for his new CD, with feats including, popular rappers, Jay-Z, Dre, Swizz Beatz, and Tyga.

With much enthusiasm for Wayne’s new release, Brendan Carroll, a senior at Penn Manor High school calls Wayne, “the black Jesus Christ.”

Beyonce released her single “Run the World (girls)” for her new album 4, on May 19. According to NME.com the first for music news, Beyonce states, her next single “1+1” is her favorite song on the album.  4 comes out on June 28th, and has been confirmed to feature a collaboration with Andre 3000, from the band Outkast. Some titles from the album include; “Love on top,” “I miss you,” and “End of time.”

Flogging Molly's Speed of Darkness ablum cover. Courtesy of LA Times.

Cody Wedge, a senior at Penn Manor High school, describes Beyonce as, “amazing and beautiful.”

The post-hardcore band Attack! Attack! brings it back with their new album titled, The Latest Fashion. On a review given by Alterthepress.com, Sean Reid says, “Although some of the ideas, especially the guitar work, later on sounds recycled, Attack! Attack! have managed to produce a record that is persistent throughout and does not disappoint.”  Titles on the album include “Seen me lately,” “Everybody knows,” and “No excuses.” The Latest Fashion is expected to be released on June 21.

For those of you who are impatient, you may find solace in Flogging Molly’s, Speed of darkness. Speed of darkness is released today. Containing tracks titled, “Revolution,” “So Sail on,” and “Saints and sinners.” This will be the fifth installment to the celebrated celtic punk ensemble. Song writer Dave King quoted, “It wasn’t the album we set out to write. It became the album we had to write.”

A senior at Penn Manor, Taylor Stump, describes the band as a “rowdy bar band.”

Get your Ipod out and update that playlist because summer’s hot days are right around the corner.