Hair Extensions Stolen rather than Cash

By Chelsea Miller and Iris Santana –

Clip it, Glue it, Weave it!

Hair extensions are becoming very popular nowadays. From Sammi from the Jersey Shore to Scene Queens modeling for the internet– they are even getting so popular that people are willing to steal them. Not just to wear them, but to make money off of them.

“My hair takes long to grow and I wanted to give length to my hair,” said Harlie Madonna, a sophomore at Penn Manor who got extensions to her hair.

Hair extensions can be applied three different ways. You can either clip them in, glue them in or weave them in. Weaving the hair extensions in is a more permanent way of applying them if you want them in for a while (6 months to a year). In order to have the best quality, you must get them tightened every two to three weeks. This is the most expensive but easiest type of way to get extensions done.

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When getting your extensions glued, you have to use a special kind of glue. There are many different types such as: ones that dry clear, ones that are made for darker hair and ones that are made for lighter hair. Glued extensions last at least two weeks only if you wash it a certain way. Getting your extensions glued in may not be the best way, however, because they can leave you with bald spots if you don’t apply them the right way.

The easiest and fastest way to put your extensions in is by getting clip ins. You can take them out and put them in whenever you please.  You can’t sleep with them in and you can’t shower with them. These extensions last up to four months, only if you take good care of them.

Extensions can range from $10 to about $200. It basically all depends on how much hair you get, the length of the hair, the quality and the kind of hair. Synthetic is fake hair and is cheaper than Remy, real human hair. Remy hair is the more popular type of extension because you can treat it as actual hair, meaning you can cut, dye, straighten or even curl it.

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Ever since extensions have become popular, people are willing to steal for them.

There have been a couple of cases around the country where people have broken into stores to steal hair extensions.

In Pearland, Texas a beauty salon was stuck twice. The robbers only stole the extensions, no money.  The same thing happened in Missouri when a beauty shop was broken into for only hair, not the cash available. The criminals only stole Remy hair, not synthetic.

Police think it may be a part of a large crime ring.

Whoever the criminals are they sure can get rich quick from all that hair.

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