Memorial Day Weather is Bright, Sunny and Hot, Hot, Hot

By Hayden Gonzalez and Alex Geli –

The fantastic memorial weekend weather has been a great change from the rainy months that we have been experiencing. Many people have been getting together enjoying the nice weather, having picnics and swimming.

According to to, Monday had a high of 91 degrees. But if you were outside yesterday it felt like a melting 97 degrees. Tuesday’s weather is supposed to hit a high of 92 degrees.

Wednesday there is a chance of thunderstorms but may only reach 88 degrees. Thursday’s weather is predicted to be partly cloudy and a high of 88 degrees. Friday is supposed to be partly cloudy as well with a high reaching 78 degrees. Saturday and Sunday are supposed to be a high of 85 degrees but Saturday has a chance of thunderstorms and Sunday is supposed to be sunny and humid.

Some people didn’t participate in any activities because it was so hot.

“That’s the whole reason why I didn’t leave my house, because it was hot,” said senior at Penn Manor High School Emily Hess.

Conestoga Township is one of the local pools open for swimming this summer. Photo courtesy

“I stayed home and watched Netflix because it was so hot,” said Troy Diffenderfer a junior at Penn Manor High School.

The hot air has been coming from a warm front from the bottom eastern region of the country and mixing with a cold front coming from the western region of the country.

“It has been so hot the past couple of days I don’t feel like doing anything while the sun is out,” said senior at Penn Manor High School, Noah Kuhn.

Pools just began to open over the weekend. Skyline pool charges $18 per person for non-residents and $13 per person for residents living in Manheim Township. Also, Lancaster County pool has opened up starting at $5 per person per day. A Millersville pool membership is $160 for a single person for a year and $250 for a household for an entire year.

“My memorial day weekend was great except it was scorching outside and I needed to take a dip in the pool,” said senior at Penn Manor High School, Jeff Ford who has a pool in his backyard.

Picnics are also becoming a more common scene around because of the much better the weather is in general.

“We had chicken, rice, burgers, hot dogs, chips, soda and steak. I ate a very healthy meal and right after that I went to sleep” said a freshman at Penn Manor, Antonio Vega.

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