Watch Your Mouth Kobe!

By Connor Rowe –

Two NBA players, one incident and two different consequences.

Recently, NBA star, Kobe Bryant called referee, Bennie Adams a f—ing fag-t. Bryant was fined $100,000 for the anti-Gay slur.

Two months later, Joakim Noah called a fan a f—ing fag-t after he was being harassed all game from the bench. The only difference in the case is the fact that this certain incident happened about a month later. However something else was different when the case concluded.

Noah yelling at fan. Photo Courtesy of

Noah was charged $50,000 for the repeated quote of Bryant.

The league is trying to crack down on anti-gay actions according to the Desert Sun.

If the league was really trying to crack down on anti-gay actions why wouldn’t the fine double every time someone took place in the action.

However the fine was split into half.

Does the NBA actually care about this topic or are they just issuing random fines?

“By the time it’s up to $500,000, the players will clean up their act,”said Desert Sun sports writer Shad Powers.

One difference between the two actions was that Bryant said it to a referee and Noah said it to a fan.

“We know now that a ref is twice as important as a fan because Kobe was fined $100,000 and Noah $50,000,” said Powers.

The debate on if the NBA really does in fact care continues.

To cover up the recent issues of the anti-gay slurs, the NBA has been broadcasting commercials encouraging trash talkers to not use the word “gay.” The twist to this is that they had two role player NBA players speak out on the commercials. The NBA has never put on role players in featured commercials.

Jared Dudley was one of the players aired in the commercial discouraging anti-gay trash talking.

Even though Dudley has played Divsion 1 basketball at Boston College, if you’re a young kid passionate of the NBA which player are you going to live by more? Kobe Bryant or Jared Dudley? Why wouldn’t the NBA find a player who has played in the all-star game in at least the past decade to promote this issue?

One NBA player is making the change.

According to Steve Nash’s Twitter account, he just finished taping a commercial for gay marriage. A Suns’ follower on Twitter said: Very disappointing Nash would do a commercial supporting gay marriage. Steve, something we should know? Nash’s response: Yes, tolerance.



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