Driving Lessons Take Teen Down a Long Road

By Morgan Fletcher –

When the topic of learning to drive comes up, I try my hardest to change the subject.

See the thing is, I’m 18 and I still don’t have my license.

Yes, I know you’re thinking why on Earth have I waited so long.

The truth is, I just wasn’t the typical teenager who rushed to the DMV on my sixteenth birthday in hopes of getting my permit.

In fact, I waited months after my birthday to finally work up the motivation to take the test and I failed not once, but twice.

Morgan Fletcher

Third time proved to be the charm, however, as I finally landed the ticket to freedom.  That’s hardly the merit I gave to my permit, though, for I let it expire and I had to renew it late last year.

There are reasons as to why I just wasn’t initially psyched to learn to drive.

For one, I have a twin sister, and my parents made it very clear that when we started driving, there would be only one car for us to share.  Since my sister hopped on the first opportunity to get her permit and landed it on the first attempt, I figured, why should I bother getting mine if we already have to share a car?

A lot of times we’re going to the same place anyway and if not, she or my parents just take me where I need to go.

I have to say, though, if I knew all the wrath I’d receive from friends and family for not getting my license in a reasonable time frame, I might have attempted to learn to drive sooner.

I’m constantly called lazy and one of my sister’s favorite things to do is to complain about how annoyed she gets by toting me around everywhere, which is hardly true.

It’s not like I don’t take responsibility for OUR vehicle.

My dad, my sister and I all put one-third into the car payment and every time we get gas, my sister and I split the bill.

So it’s basically like I’m driving the car too, I’m just never behind the wheel.  At least that’s what I tell myself.

Needless to say, I haven’t practiced driving too, too much.  My dad is the designated driving instructor as my mom refuses to get in a car with me behind the wheel.
Based on the few times we’ve gone out to drive, I wouldn’t consider myself to be terrible.

Sometimes my dad gets a little impatient and I get frustrated.  He tells me I drive like an old woman.

I really can’t tell how good of a driver I’m going to be but hopefully I’ll manage to steer clear of  too much trouble.

My mom told me that ever since she saw me drive the antique cars at Hershey Park, she’s been worried about my driving skills.

I’ll admit that it gets annoying to have to call and wait for my parents or sister to pick me up from work and I get frustrated sometimes because I don’t have the freedom to just get up and go as I please.

But then again I really wouldn’t have that freedom if I did have my license since my sister and I have to share the car.  Many more fights will spark when I begin to drive because we will constantly be fighting over who gets the car.

Still, I know my time to get behind the wheel is long overdue and I plan to practice more and go for my license before summer approaches.

Unlike most people my age, I still have time to make learning-to-drive memories.

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  1. “My mom told me that ever since she saw me drive the antique cars at Hershey Park, she’s been worried about my driving skills.”

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