YouTube- The Next Blockbuster Video?

By Morgan Fletcher –

“So what should we rent from YouTube tonight?”

Although such a question seems out of place at present, it may soon become a common thing to ask.  The video-sharing website YouTube is likely to become a movie rental site in the near future.

The proposal to do so has not happened over night, however.  YouTube has been working for two years to get studios in Hollywood to offer their new-releases for rental to YouTube users.

So far, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Universal Pictures and Warner Brothers are on board to start an agreement with YouTube.

YouTube is set to launch their movie rental deal with major Hollywood studios. Photo courtesy

This leaves about 60 percent of North America’s other major studios, including Walt Disney Studios, 20th Century Fox and Paramount Pictures, out of the deal.

YouTube is working to boost ad revenue by getting viewers to stay on their site for longer periods of time.  They are working to compete against rivals, such as iTunes and, with comparable prices.

Currently, Lionsgate Entertainment, the Weinstein Company and independent filmmakers offer their movies for rental on YouTube.  The addition of bigger Hollywood studios will most likely increase the popularity of rentals.

In the past, there has not been an astounding amount of interest in YouTube rentals.

Students in Penn Manor don’t seem to be in favor of movie rentals via online websites.

“I’d rather watch a movie on my big screen T.V.,” said senior Katie Maisel.

Many movie rental stores like Blockbuster Video have closed because they cannot compete with the lastest methods of movie renting. Photo courtesy

“I don’t like watching something on my computer,” said senior Sam Adams.

The presence of movie rental stores has diminished over the last few years as viewers find it easier to obtain the entertainment they want through other means, such as Redbox machines, because they have many convenient locations nationwide.

According to students in Penn Manor, these other methods of movie renting will be favored over online viewing.

“I’d rather do Redbox,” said senior Jenna Waite.

“No, I’d rather go to Turkey Hill and get a Redbox,” senior Caroline Lovett said, regarding whether she would take advantage of YouTube’s latest proposal.

Although technology has trumped most factors of our lives, it’s evident that most people still prefer the old-fashioned aspect of movie night.

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