Penn Manor Yearbook Brings Comments and Critiques

By Cheyenne Weber, Eric Gerlach and Connor Hughes –

The Trumpeter Yearbook is here and students formed long lines in the hallway Friday, excited to get their hands on their much anticipated copy.

And who wouldn’t be?

The yearbook is a fun, entertaining way to record, highlight and commemorate the past school year.  Virtually all high schools, most colleges and many elementary and middle schools publish yearbooks.

“Realization,” the theme of this edition’s yearbook is designed and filled with memories and pictures of your high school peers and those pictures and memories will last a lifetime.

The yearbook staff put in a lot of hours to finish it, but did their work pay off?

“Best graphically designed look Penn Manor has ever seen, hands down,” said senior Eric bear, who is a co-creator of the year book.

“A lot of the yearbook staff is in the yearbook and there is a decent amount of grammatical errors, but that happens every year,” said another senior Nate Kreider.
Students wait excitedly for their copy of the 2011 Trumpeter. Penn Points staff photo

One of the main complaints about the yearbook is that the staff appears in this years’ edition too often.

“I notice (he) took up a lot of the space in the year book and it isn’t fair,” said senior Ryan Connely.

Students believe that just because the staff created the book, doesn’t mean they should appear as often.

But, the yearbook is still popular and students look forward to it every year.  A total 1,050 year books were ordered.

The yearbook is a non-profit organization.

Even though there was criticism about this years’ edition, the design and layout was “creative and colorful,” according to junior Megan Schlegelmilch.

The pictures in the yearbook are very sharp and clear and includes different angles and different poses to add a little “spice” to the overall yearbook.

Still, not all students were completely happy with what they purchased.

“Even though I’m graduating I feel like next year’s yearbook should have more emphasis on the senior class,” senior Clark Habecker said.

Every year general reactions to the yearbook have positives and negatives.

“I think the yearbook is alright, it’s not better or worse than last years,” said Habecker. “I’m not going to hate on it too much.”

Even with the mixed reactions, most students still felt that the staff did a great job.






8 thoughts on “Penn Manor Yearbook Brings Comments and Critiques”

  1. I love the year book. I totally agree with the comment that the people who made it are in it a lot more than others. Yeah i know that there are a lot of people here and it is near impossible to document it all, but it was a great yearbook, and whoever made it should be very proud of it!

  2. I love how the people who made it slam their picture on every other page. How is it fair that kids slide through highschool with no recognition and others like (staff member) use it as a photoshoot

  3. gotta love that shadowing fail on the pic reel that is also covering up some of the peoples pics oh and way to have more than 20 misspelled names.

  4. The pictures were too small and there was too much writing. Other than that, it wasn’t too bad. Oh wait, the best part was when I started paging through my yearbook and I found pictures from my Facebook in there. They didn’t even ask…

  5. @aztecie:

    are you reslly mad that they used those photos or just feel like complaining about something…or would you rather just not be in the yearbook?

    i think the book was well designed… but agree 100% that a certian staffer was in there about 20 (seriously…20) times too much.

  6. As a parent paging through the yearbook I noticed 4 to 5 photos of the same student, and that wasn’t done with just one student, it was done often. Next year the staff should put only one (action) photo of a student and put more photos of other students.

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