Election Day for Young Adults goes mostly Unnoticed

By Cynthia Rodriguez and Brandon Bowers –

The day has come for 18 year olds to finally vote for pubic office, district attorney, city borough and townships.

But will they?

“I’m not, I don’t vote, never had a hand in politics,” said Penn Manor senior Tyler Beckley, 18 years of age but not registered to vote.

Although there are an estimated 300,000 registered voters in Lancaster County, it won’t be clear until the polls close, just how many of them will actually vote during this lackluster mid-term election where only some county, city, borough and township positions are up for grabs, along with some state and local judges.

The polls open Tuesday morning at 7 a.m and will be closing at 8 p.m.

Some 18 year olds may be excited to vote and some may not be interested.

“Not really, I just don’t care about it,” said senior Cody Welch about the election.

On the other hand, some local students are very excited about voting.

Brandon Patterson, a 19-year-old student at York Technical Institute said, “(It’s a) new experience, new people to look forward to in different positions like state and county judgeships.”

For lots of statistics about youth voters in America go to this website:


A student from Penn Manor High school, Mackenzie Caterbone said, “I think that 18 is too young, you should have a better understanding about everything.”

Caterbone, who is not 18,  said her father is running for a local public office.

“He wants to go in for (get elected to) a borough position, she said.”

Caterbone said she knows someone who is going to vote.

“My aunt,” she said.

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  1. why wouldn’t you vote? People have died to give you that right and you don’t use it. But when someone wants to take away funding for X program people scream and use their right to free speech excessively. Hypocritical and disgusting.

  2. What Curt said, people who don’t vote are either lazy or liberals. Both are negative.

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