Students Pick New Names for Grandparents

By Brandon Bowers and Alicia Ygarza –

Apparently “Grandma” and “Grandpa” aren’t hip enough names for baby boomer grandparents who do not like the traditional labels because they make them feel older, according to published news reports.

Nanny and Pappy are the most commonly used names for grandparents.  But the range of “cute” grandparent names runs the game from the traditional to the way out there – including Jayma and Poppy.

Students and the staff at Penn Manor use a variety of names to identify their grandparents.

The names the students give their grandparents range from nanny and pappy to one I never heard before “G ma,” said sophomore Arron Lugo.

Their grandparents may like when they are called another name because it shows the love and care the students have for them and how they love being there for them.

Students that don’t have a different name other then “grandma” and “grandpa” still have the same love and respect for their family just may not have the need to call them another name.

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