Students Set Sights On a Five

By Lauren Richards –

May has finally rolled around and summer is so close most students can taste it.

Usually this is the time when attention spans become shorter, grades drop and motivation decreases. For some students, however, this is a very important time of the year. It’s AP test season and students have worked all year in hopes of scoring a 5. AP tests can be stressful so a lot of students are doing the most they can to prepare.

Natasha Fletcher is taking two AP classes, Literature and Biology. Her tests are coming up and she said she has begun preparing for both.

“For bio I’m studying outside of class. I feel more prepared for lit,” Fletcher said.

While many students are taking time outside of class to prepare for their tests, a lot are reviewing in class as well.

“We’ve been reviewing in class ever since we finished the curriculum, which was about two months ago,” said Veronica Willig, referring to her AP Calculus class.

Eric Bear has also been spending time in class preparing for his AP French test that will take place on May 10.

AP exam study guides. Photo credit

“We do a lot of listening and recording of native speaking to prepare for the listening portion of the exam. We write a lot of essays that are timed,” said Bear.

Students have spent their whole school year learning loads of information they’ll need to be ready for their AP exam. And even though it’s a lot to remember, many students feel confident about their upcoming test.

Conor Snow takes AP US History and will take his test on May 6. He said he’s been getting review packets in class to prepare and believes he will get at least a 4.

“I think I’ll do fine,” Snow said.

Jenna Santaniello prepared for her AP Literature exam and felt confident.

“I’m not really nervous,” Santaniello said.

Students aren’t the only ones who feel stressed when AP test season rolls around. Teachers also worry about the scores their students will achieve.

AP Psychology teacher Maria Vita is confident that her students were prepared for their exam on May 2 and she encouraged her students to believe they’ll do well.

“Expect a 5 and nothing less. That’s the only thing to do on this test, except also do your very best,” Vita said.