Lacrosse Team gets Playoff Flowhawks

By Cheyenne Weber –


Penn Manor’s lacrosse team logged an impressive 13-3 record and celebrated with identical hair styles, with the emphasis on hair rather than style.

The varsity lacrosse players all got homemade mohawks last night for playoffs, or fauxhawks as many students and teachers walking in the hallways observed.

“It’s a great display of team unity,” said lacrosse coach Erick Dutchess. “If they are willing to look stupid together, then that says a lot about them as a team.  Instead of calling it a flohawk though, I would classify as more of a flotastrophy.”

The hair event also touched off a good-natured rivalry between lacrosse players and the baseball team who also had contemplated going for the same team hair style.

Brandon McCormick, Spencer Barnett and Zach Campbell sport their team haircut. Photo by Cheyenne Weber

“The orginal idea came from the baseball team, but we didn’t have enough “flow” to do it,” said baseball outfielder Taylor Groff, a senior who added his review on the execution of the mohawk, saying they looked “choppy and unprofessionally done.”

And the baseball team has a shot of getting into playoffs with an overall 8-9 record.

The lacrosse players deny any rumors that they took the idea.

“No one stole nothing from nobody, we stepped up and did it,” said senior lacrosse co- captain Spencer Barnett.

‘They never had mohawks before, so it doesn’t matter,” said junior lacrosse player David Mohimani.

Evidently the lacrosse players didn’t think about what their hair would look like on upcoming senior pictures or for the prom.

“I was mad at the idea of Connor Rowe getting one (a mohawk) at first because of prom but it doesn’t look as bad as I thought it would,” said senior Emily Hutchison, his date for the dance.

Others didn’t really care.

“I ain’t too worried about it,” said Barnett.


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