Facebook Users degrading Lancaster County Teens

By- Alicia Ygarza and Cynthia Rodriguez –

“This girl has been with too many guys.”

Anonymous facebook users are creating discriminating pages degrading the most talked about females and males in Lancaster County schools. The males and females can be found under pages called “Pop Jawnts,” “Lancaster Slobes IDGAF,” “McCaskey Ho**,” and “Penn Manor Ho**.”

Bullying constantly occurs on facebook

Tatyana Dejesus, a student at Penn Manor. Found herself on the page “Pop Jawnts.”

Parents whose kids are on these sites feel embarrassed, but as a parent, wouldn’t you feel embarrassed too?

“My mom thinks it’s very childish and immature.She said I should go to the office and report it,” said Dejesus.

Friends and family members of the kids can do something about this.

The report button.

You may use the report button if you believe the picture is inappropriate and also, if a person is harassing you.

Some people do this and some people don’t. But this does work.

Vanessa Marquez, a student at McCaskey High School will attest to its use.

“There was a picture of me someone posted on facebook and I didn’t like it at all. So I reported it and Facebook immediately deleted if from the site,” said Marquez.

This is another case of cyber bullying.

“Cyber bullying” is when a child or teen is threatened, harassed, humiliated, embarrassed or is targeted by another child or teen using the Internet or mobile device. It has to have a minor on both sides, or at least have been instigated by a minor against another minor.

According to stop cyber bullying, “once adults become involved, it is a case of cyber-harassment or cyber stalking. Adult cyber-harassment or cyber stalking is never called cyber bullying.”

Cyber Bullying can take hold of a person's life

According to www2.insidenova.com, a 16- year old was charged with computer harassment. He created a Facebook page called, “Stonewall Ho**.” Police say there were pictures of nine girls, all of which had “lewd captions” under them.

According to www2.insidenova.com, “Under Virginia law, harassment by computer is a Class 1 misdemeanor, punishable by up to 12 months in jail and/or a fine of up to $2,500. “

These are the steps used in preventing Facebook harassment pages.

According to www.attorneygeneral.gov, these are tactics parents can use in preventing cyber bullying :

  • Supervising the use of the computer;
  • Get the computers out of the bedrooms and into a family room or common living area;
  • Learn about and monitor the Web sites that your child visits while on the computer;
  • Talk to your children about cyber bullying and encourage them to talk to you if they feel threatened while on the Internet. According to a survey by iSafe.org, 58 percent of kids did not tell their parents when someone was abusive to them online;
  • Be concerned if your child spends an excessive amount of time online and, if necessary, limit his/her time spent on the computer; and
  • Have your child fill out and sign an agreement or pledge, such as the ones on this Web site, about safety online.



3 thoughts on “Facebook Users degrading Lancaster County Teens”

  1. Recently I’ve Deactivated my facebook account due to Drama And Bullying
    It just also gets to much and Addicting

  2. I also deactivated mine once, but there was still so much drama in school that it doesn’t really matter. Your gonna hear it one way or another. My friends dad has also been trying to ban facebook, but whats that gonna do? My friend will just get on another way. I just wish that people could get along.. but I’d be crazy to say that

  3. A lot of my friends’ pictures are in these pages, which I find so cruel and Immature. I don’t see a reason to why these people have to do this, like mind your own business. I think that there should be no copy rights on ANY pictures so No one can steal them. They will have to request permission to tag and share them. I think something like could work out.

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