Yearbooks– who needs ’em? Penn Manor about to Find Out

By Faith Walauskas –

Apparently, a lot of people.

It has been suspected that over the past few years, with the prices of yearbooks increasing, that sales have actually decreased.

But a few facts may prove that theory wrong. Yes, the price has increased to $61 at base, and $85 on distribution day, but the demand seems to be staying at a constant rate.

“Yearbooks are set (this year) at a base price of $61. But the price increases  as time goes on,” said three-year yearbook coordinator Doug Anderson, “On the day of distribution, the price of the yearbook increases to $85 which is because of the compensation for what we’ve pre-ordered and sold. If three sell, we only end up paying for the production of one.”

Yearbook prices are showing signs of price increases, but not by very much. Photo by Faith Walauskas

Last year 1150 yearbooks were pre-ordered and that supply had “basically sold out.

“In 2010, they sold out entirely” said Anderson, “Which is better than my first year being in charge of yearbook; we had ordered too many, basing the amount on the year before, and ended up paying for a couple hundred during the pre-order that never ended up selling.”

Yearbook orders are placed in the beginning of February, and after that you can either order one on the Jostens website, which stay up until distribution day, or you could buy one straight from Anderson for the increased price.

“Last year, 963 copies were sold though Jostens,” said Anderson “and then about 50 were sold on distribution day. They’re either sold through them or us.”

As of right now, 903 of the 1050 yearbooks ordered this year have been sold, which will only make 122 available on distribution day for anyone who hasn’t bought one but would like to.

When it comes to the raising of prices, it should be understood that in 2008 and 2009, the base price of a yearbook was $59, and 2010’s base was $61, only a two dollar difference.

“Production prices went up over the past few years,” said Anderson “one of the reasons why we’ve raised the price some.”


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