Super Sister Stays Perfect in all Situations

By Jay Jackson –

She’s perfect.

I’m Dessie’s little brother. That is how I am known to people I first meet. I am always in the giant shadow of my very small sister who is, and it pains me to say, “perfect.”

Good grades, musical talent, lead in the play, student council, prom queen, homecoming court and artist extraordinaire. Seemingly the perfect student, daughter, sister and classmate. I have never witnessed it, but there’s a good possibility that she can fly. How am I supposed to compete with Super Sister when there is only so much time in one day?

Jay Jackson. Photo credit by Blake Wales.

Walking into Marticville Middle for the first day of school, I immediately was asked by all seven of my teachers if I was “Dessie’s little brother.” Their faces crumbled as they all rambled on and on about how she is such a good kid and that I have expectations to live up to in their class. This problem haunts me to this day, being asked by my teachers, substitutes or random students in the hall if I am as “good” as Dessie.

She also knows everybody in Lancaster from all ages and cliques, it seems. Now she attends Temple to extend her shadow even further. There’s another place I can’t go unless I want to be compared to the “perfect one.” There is no end to her success no matter what she does.

But I am here to tell you that Dessie Jackson is not perfect.

She is terrible at math, a horrible morning person and most of all has an explosive anger, which she primarily takes out her little brother.

Mostly unwarranted, she screams, whines and even hits. People don’t know this, but she can be extremely difficult and just flat out mean. Maybe this is why I tell my mom lies about my sister in an attempt to bring her down even though they are not true.

Dessie Jackson, the super sister.

I tell my parents I suspect my sister is a drug dealer but my mom knows better than to believe such an outrageous accusation.

I may not be able to compete with super sister, but I can try to bring her down. Hopefully that will work.

And then someday, maybe, someone will ask her if she is Jay’s big sister.