Where to Now?

By Katie Breneman –

From pre-school, to elementary, to middle school, to high school, then to …

Many students at Penn Manor High School will be attending a college or entering the workforce. Many students know exactly the major or area of study they want to enter, while others are undecided.

The college process is very crucial and, at points, can be stressful as well.  Students have to decide, big school, small school, in state, out-of-state and does the school have the right major. A popular saying students hear often with the college process is, “you’ll know when it feels right.”

But what feels right? Is it that feeling that gives butterflies in the stomach?

Zach Rayha is carefully considering which college to attend. Photo by Katie Brenneman

Deciding what college to go to is crucial. College costs a bundle of money and it is important to love the environment and to make sure the major is available.

Zach Rayha, a senior at Penn Manor High School is not positive but is leaning toward  James Madison.

“When I went there I thought I could see myself there and had a really strong program for my physics astronomy major. The people were very welcoming as well,” said Rayha.

Peter Ashworth, a senior at Penn Manor High School is still deciding between three colleges, Pittsburgh, Delaware and Grove City .

“My major is mechanical engineering. I chose to apply to Grove City because my brother goes there. My dad went to Delaware and I just liked Pitt,” said Ashworth.

Megan Wilson, a senior at Penn Manor has committed to go to Millersville University and will be on the soccer team there.

“I really liked it, and it’s close to home. It’s a great way to save money. I also really liked it because the soccer coach was interested in me and I wanted to play soccer in college,” said Wilson.

Emily Hess, a senior is not sure where she is going to school yet. She does know that she wants to become a teacher.

“Ever since I was little, I always wanted to teach. I love little kids and I would really enjoy my job,” said enthusiastically Hess.

Penn Manor High School’s graduation is on June 7, and theses students will then move onto the paths they have chosen.





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  1. I won’t go to college, it goes against my principles as a christian and American.

  2. i love how you said only about college. so if i dont choose to goto college i will be a failure?

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