Amazon’s New Music Solution

Amazon's new music player, available on the Web and Android

By Nick Joniec –

How would unlimited music storage for purchased songs rival Apple iTunes? Amazon introduced their Cloud Player with five gigabytes of music storage for user’s to upload their own private music to the “cloud.”

The new music service is provided by Amazon’s Cloud Drive. The free Cloud Drive plan is a five gigabyte storage repository, that works the same as a flash drive or external hard drive; but it is web-based. Cloud Drive allows Amazon users to store their files and use them anywhere that has internet access.

Because of the web-hosted ability of Cloud Player, you can upload your music to the site and play back your music from most internet connected devices.

Currently, the Amazon MP3 application is native on the Android platform.The Amazon MP3 app has been updated to enable streaming, downloading and purchasing music for your Cloud Player.

For the users of Apple devices such as iPhones and iPods, there is no official support yet for Cloud Player. Workarounds such as logging in directly to the Cloud Drive web interface allow you to stream your content to your iDevice, are available.

As incentive for using Amazon’s MP3 service with Cloud Player, if users download music from the Amazon store, they get an extra 15GB of storage space.

That gives users twenty gigabytes of storage in the “cloud” for files and music. Twenty gigabytes can hold more than enough music for most people. It is roughly an equivalent of over five days of music.