Penn Manor is Fast and Furious

By Blake Wales –

For some people a car is a form of transportation from point A to point B but its a little more than that for some kids at Penn Manor.

Dillon and his Eclipse

These fast tuner cars, as seen in big movie hits such as The Fast and Furious series and even video games like Need for Speed and Forza Motor sports, but these kids are taking these dream car and trying to make them a reality.

Dillon Walker, a senior at Penn Manor, has really put hard work and time into his 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse. He works all the time and he admits that most of it ends up going towards his car. He has done things such as putting on a new exhaust system, cold air intake, a new sound system and even a head unit. He has also done some external thing to his car as well, he put neons underneath and inside his car, and he has tinted his windows.

“Some kids take their cars way too seriously and spend too much,” Walker said. He feels that some kids think it is a competition at school to see who has the nicest car, but Dillon doesn’t feel that way. He does it just to get a reaction out of people and also because he really likes to make his car better than it was before.

Will and his Jetta GLI

Will Downs a junior at Penn Manor doesn’t have the same amount of money in his car as Dillon but it’s just as cool.

Will’s 2004 VolksWagen Jetta Gli has grey BBS wheels, a cold air intake, and even racing seats. But there are still things that he would still like to do. He wants to chip the engine to make it faster, re-tint  the windows to make them darker, lower his car even more than it is now. He also wants to put in new headlights and add in a diverter valve.

“Basically I like to do anything I can to my car,” Will said when commenting about the looks of his car. But Will doesn’t customize his car to get a reaction out of people like Dillon does, Will sees it more as a hobby and because he saw his older brother Sam always making his car better so he wanted to.

There are a lot of hobbies teens can put their hard-earned cash toward but it seems like their rides give these owners the most satisfaction.

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  1. Yes my car is made of rice, and I hate it. I haven’t spent money on it in over a year. If anyone wants to buy it let me know.

  2. I would like to know if these kids payed for the car themselves, i am guessing they did not

  3. Neither of these cars are actually too fast.
    Though Dillon’s isn’t too bad.
    Also, what is up with every comment on here containing at least five grammatical errors? Whatever, it just takes away the impact of one’s views when they are made up of horrendous grammar.

    @Jonny R – All of Chevy’s cars suck.

  4. I take great offense to you calling me “un-American” on the basis of a company that will take every chance it has to acquire your “hard earned” cash. Silly Hicks and basing Americanism on companies. Open your eyes.

  5. Ford>Chevy. Ford is the original American motor company and the only American car company that was not pathetically bailed-out in 2007-2009.

  6. wow, real mature… rice burners need to stay on the inner lines of lancaster were they belong, and who ever drives chevy/any other pos needs to learn the qualities of vehicles. clearly there has never been a problem with the rears(chevy) or the trans(dodge) or sounds like my LAWN MOWER(honda,acura,toyota,bmw,etc.) pretty much anything that is front wheel drive and has an exhaust thats bigger than a basketball needs to stay in lancaster and out of the southern end!

  7. Yes i want a real original american car oh wait there all in debt and need balling out

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