Advantages of Manual Driving

By Alicia Ygarza-
Be alert! Watch the road! Pay attention!

These are the typical things parents say to their adolescent son or daughter when they are learning to drive. But when you’re driving stick shift, you have no choice but to be alert, watch the road, and pay attention. You’re constantly moving in and out of gears so your car doesn’t shut off (stall), or make loud noises to inform you you’re doing something wrong.

According to, “People who drive stick shift cars know the difference and the advantages of having total control of your car engine; people who drive cars with automatic transmissions do not.”

“If you’re not used to driving stick shift the car can stall or if you’re on a hill the car can drift backwards which isn’t good if someone’s behind you,” said Laura Wissler, a student at Penn Manor High.

This is typical for a manual car to do when in the hands of a new stick shift driver, but when the driver gets the hang of it, it “becomes fun.”

The look of stick shift driving, courtesy of

According to, sick shifts are better to drive because they make the driver more attentive to the road and it also makes the driver more safe. When you are a manual car driver, in a sense, you and your car become one because you know what gears at a certain time make the car yell and what gears at a certain time make the car purr.

“Driving stick shift is good because you need to pay attention to what you’re doing and I like a challenge,” said Wissler.

According to DSA, Driving Standards Agency, manual and automatic car drivers were given the same driving test and the results were recorded. The information provided shows 49 percent of male manual car drivers passed the driving test, while 46.7 percent of male automatic car drivers passed. It also shows 52 percent of female manual car drivers passed the driving test, while 46 percent of female automatic car drivers passed.

“Automatic transmission is yet another example of the weakness of human nature. It caters to laziness. And that makes the environment bad for everyone.Why? Well, any idiot can drive an automatic. But I don’t want any idiot on the road. Get my point?” said Allen Wastler from CNN Money.

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