Winter is the New Spring

By Katie Breneman –

Spring is blooming in Penn Manor High School.

At Penn Manor High School, the students are wearing spring clothing even though it is still winter. The temperatures are ranging from a chilly 30s to a pleasant 60s. The students’ winter clothing has been put away in anticipation of the warmth.

And we’re all still waiting.

“When it’s hot out it seems cold, but when it starts to warm up in winter, it seems really warm,” said gym teacher Billie Jo Atkins.

Students are excited that the snow has at least melted, except for a last winter blast of snow on April Fools Day, and are wearing less and less clothing as it warms up.

Students wear summer clothing even before spring. Photo by Katie Breneman

“Suns out, guns out,” said one student wearing an Easter egg-blue polo with khaki shorts.

“I’m getting sick of wearing jeans and need a wardrobe change,” said senior Devin Yecker, in a flowing spring skirt.

“The warm weather makes me excited and brings spring fever,” said  senior Jenna Santaniello, wearing a short red v-neck shirt.

Students and teachers at Penn Manor High School said that being outside in 45 degrees to 75 degrees in the winter in spring attire is acceptable.

“I wear shorts and t-shirts because it’s comfortable. Even if I’m cold, at least I’m comfortable,” said senior Danielle Landis wearing athletic attire.

Spring fever continues to burn through frigid temperatures at Penn Manor High School.