Quarantine at Penn Manor Needed for Senioritis Epidemic

By Corbin Gillichbauer –

Penn Manor high school is in quarantine from the deadly disease called senioritis. Senioritis is a crippling disease that effects most to all seniors in high school. Is there any way to stopping this disease?

Penn Manor High School

Mark Curtin another senior at Penn Manor says, “Symptoms of senioritis include overall fatigue, cramps, violent mood swings, low grades, skipping school, lack of focus and wishing to be graduated already.”

Vaughn Stetler a senior at Penn Manor stated, “There is only one cure and that’s to graduate.”

Holly Mancinelli a senior that has A’s and B’s and seems to be the least infected but still has the disease. Mancinelli says, “Everyone has it, its just who wants to do a little bit more but not much.”

Senioritis is a good thing for most teens waiting to get out of one environment to another. In some cases,  Erick Dutchess, a teacher at Penn Manor said, “It shows which kids don’t want to be in school.”

Patrick Jones a senior taking the same class as Curtin said, “I have to get work done in AP calc A/B. I would be dead if my teacher found out that I wasn’t trying. If I didn’t have AP calc, I would rather stay home and play Rockband and sleep.”

“Senioritis is here every year, but this year seems to be the worst,” said Dutchess.  “The students are not doing as well as they should.”

Senioritis affects 1:1 students at Penn Manor.  Some say they lack the urge, while others profess, “Who cares I am going to college.”

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  1. Cool another generic senioritis article. The same one was written last year, and they are all really terrible, you should refrain from writing them. Like seriously this is all there is to write about?

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