Facebook Loses Friends

By Bryan Buckius –

Nothing is worse then trying to check your Facebook and having it take forever for the page to load. All the advertisements that pop up on the side of the page slow this process down. This makes checking your account take even longer.

Now with a developing advertising war of coupons, Facebook pages may take even longer to load.

Facebook has recently added a new perk for its millions of users. For those interested, Facebook offers an application called Deals. Users can subscribe to these deals and receive coupons for restaurants, clothing stores, and other places of interest.

More advertisements will be on Facebook. By Penn Points Staff

The dilemma with this new application is not between Facebook and its users. It’s between Facebook and a website called Groupon.com. Groupon offers coupons very similar to the coupons Facebook is now promoting. In retaliation against Facebook’s new application, Groupon.com will be posting adds on Facebook to promote their website.

While this dilemma is between two large online corporations, some students at Penn Manor are affected by the problem.

“The advertisements on Facebook are annoying. All that they do is take up space on my computer screen,” said Emily Yinger.

“I don’t even take time to read the adds on Facebook,” said Dylan Weber.

Although the coupons on Facebook may be convenient, one Penn Manor student has other ways to get great deals.

“I don’t have a Facebook account for this reason exactly. Facebook is too much of a hassle. If I want to find coupons I look in the newspaper or in my family’s Entertainment book,” said senior Austin Groff.

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  1. If you expect Facebook to remain free, than you better expect to have advertisements and coupons on the website. How do you think Facebook is paid for? Advertising revenue!

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