Jersey Shore, Repeat or New Episode?

By Dayonte Dixon –

Jersey Shore Finale!! It’s finally here, but if you happen to see it you might think you are watching last week’s episode, or last month’s or even last year’s.

On Thursday March 24th the third season of Jersey shore ended with what seemed to be an episode exactly like the last episodes.

The finale consisted of a party, the dance club, Sunday dinner and, of course, another Ronnie and Sammie fight.

One thing that changed is that Jenni aka JWow has made it official with her Jersey Shore sweetheart Roger, when he asked her to be exclusive over shots at a local nightclub.

Tyler Smith, junior at Penn Manor High School said, “I didn’t get to watch the finale of Jersey Shore, but I could probably guess what happened.”

He would be correct.

It was just a few months ago that Jersey Shore was one of the most popular reality shows on television, now it’s fading away like most reality television shows. Too much same old, same old.

Season 3 cast members, according to

Many complain that the same thing happens every week. Even the foreshadowed fighting ( Ronnie and Sammie), which has always seemed to get the audience excited, has disappointed the fans.

The only thing that seemed to have changed this week is that there will not be a new episode next Thursday, which according to some may not be a bad thing.

Season 4 cast will take off to Italy next summer, but you might as well just call it season 3 in Italy.