The Great Debate Boils in Penn Manor

By Jay Jackson –

There is no in-between in life.  You either drink Coke or Pepsi. It’s either vanilla or chocolate ice cream, unless you’re one of those fence sitters who prefers a swirl.  And, by the way, are you a cat person or do you prefer dogs?

Now, the greatest loyalty question ever – is it the pen or the pencil for  your work?

Logan Rupp using a familiar pencil - he said it helps him write more neatly. Photo by Jay Jackson

Let’s say you walk into a classroom and the letters BIC are laid in front of you, but that’s not the only thing. Right beside the trusty pen is the hardworking, all-American classic – the number two pencil.

A major decision is presented before you. Graphite or ink? Or more specifically, pens or pencils?

Oh the passion, the heartbreak, the drama!

“I love pens! G2-pilot is my favorite pen by far,” said junior Alex Kirk.

Likewise, Jenna Waite, strongly favors pens.

“I’m an artist,” she said as she was working on a cartoon in the library. “I like the scribbleness of pens.”

J.J. Dejesus agreed.

“Yeah, I’m a pen man,” he said. “I feel like my work is stronger when I use a pen.”

There are pencils, mechanical pencils and all sorts of pens. Many have no preference,  but some refuse to write with anything else besides their own pen or pencils.

“I prefer mechanical pencils because they are erasable and regular pencils hurt my hand unless you have a grippy,” noted junior Sara Bennis.

Not everybody is a pen-hater. In fact people like their pens. No, they are passionate about their pens. No, they are crazy about their pens!

“If I didn’t have a pen, I won’t write notes I would completely shut down,” said Eric Schlotzhauer.  “It feels like I am ripping the paper when I write with a pencil.”

Who knew that  a pen could make that big of a splash in someone’s everyday life?

“Mechanical pencils are the way to go,” said  junior Ryan Martzall, emphatically.

John Soders, a ninth grader, thinks it is all about age.

“I am going to be a pen man when I get older,” said Soder who uses pencils now and who wants to be a mechanic when he grows up. “I think adults use a pen more than a pencil. ”

However the whole school isn’t up in arms with this great debate of writing utensils.

“Depends on the situation, there are times for both,” said Mr. Herman.

Which do you prefer? Let the debate began.

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  1. I prefer pens…thats for sure..most math teachers insist on pencils because of the ability to erase mistakes:)

    Mr J

  2. why not have a pen and pencil mix? you can choice weather you want a pen or a pencil

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