Seniors have one more game

By Sam Valentin –

Five Penn Manor seniors will be playing  one more game before moving on to college. Five talented seniors were voted to the Tri-county All-star game playing for the south squad.

Photo of the Penn Manor 2010 Comets football team. Photo courtesy of Penn Manor Comets Football.

Linebacker Ande Olson, Wide receiver Demetrius Dixon, Wide receiver Teon Lee, linebacker Garret Young, and defensive back Darius Howard were all selected for the south team of the all star team.

Coach Scott Lackey expressed his feelings about the seniors being selected, saying,” I think it’s super. There hard work is being rewarded.”

Last year nine Penn Manor players represented the south team. In 2009 four comet seniors were involved in a south victory. In 2008 which was also a south victory, the Comets were represented by two seniors.

“In years past we didn’t have  as many. To have five players selected is quite an honor,” said Lackey. There were only ten seniors on the football team this year and five players will represent Penn Manor as a school and and as a football program.

“We have some very good kids coming up,” said Lackey about future players representing Penn Manor at the all star game. But next years senior class is smaller so don’t expect as many players being selected for the game.

The game is scheduled for 7 p.m. on May 28 at Manheim Central High school. The south will be coached by the Garden Spot football staff. While the north squad will be coached by the Ephrata football staff.