Students Go Black Ops about the New Map Pack

By Alex Sanchez –

Fact: Black Ops sold more copies then any other Call Of Duty game before it. Another fact: the latest map pack is the greatest map pack ever for the Call Of Duty franchise.

Poster for First Strike. Photo courtesy of Call Of Duty

On February 1, the new map pack First Strike was released for the Xbox 360 and many people have been more than happy with the results.

In this map pack, five new maps have been added. Four normal multi-player maps, Berlin Wall, Kowloon, Stadium and Discovery are in the pack. The maps bring a new feel for plays as there are things that make each map different.

First there’s Stadium which is the new version of Nuke Town with added changes.  It’s a medium-sized map which takes place in New York.

Then there’s Discovery which one of the biggest map for Black Ops, and is the hardest.

But not to Penn Manor freshman Eric Shetrompf who says, “Discovery is a big map but it isn’t that hard to move around. You want to look out for the ice bridge.”

The ice bridge is one of the new features that this map has where there’s a bridge made out of ice that can be blown up.

Kowloon is next and this map is based off the mission in Black Ops’ campaign called “Numbers.” This map is full of hidden places and is the best map for all game types. In fact Shetromphf has even more to share about this map.

“There’s a lot of places to hide and lot of campers which makes it hard to move around when you first play the map,” Shetromphf said.

Also in this map, there’s two zip lines which let players move around the map with ease but when you do this you can’t defend yourself or attack anyone until you’re on the other side.

“I’ve died when I used it a few times and I’ve killed (those) who have used it,” said Shetrompf.

Now for the Berlin Wall, which if you don’t know what that’s based on, you must have failed history.  This map is in Germany. This map is made for snipers because there’s a lot of long-range places and camping spots just for long-range fighting. But the worst thing about is the No-man’s land which has auto turrets that will shoot and kill anyone in it. But its a great way to go across the map so if you want to press your luck to get to the other side-good luck.

Last, the best thing about this map pack is the zombies map called Ascension.

In this new zombie map you’re in a Russian space station where a man’s voice says, “Hurry the mechanism must not be damaged. You must repair the mechanism and hurry, she is coming!”

This is just the beginning for him because if you do the Node puzzle you get a surprise – but you going to have to find that out for your self.

This map is the biggest and hardest map for the C.O.D. series yet. But don’t take my word for it.

Listen to what Shetrompf  has to say about this map, “It’s the best zombies by far…. It’s so intense and there’s so much stuff in it that you really need some team work or else you’re dead.”

You start off in one room and you have to earn points by killing zombies and unlocking more and more doors and weapons. The point of it all is to to survive to the highest round that you can. And there’s new things like new perks weapons Easter eggs and zombies.

Now the map pack First Strike is out for PS3.

Nothing has changed from the Xbox version.

Anthony Fulginiti has the map pack for the PS3 and he says that, “It’s easy to get used to… when I first got it I went to Stadium and I learned the map quick and I got a good score in the end.”

So for PS3 users, the multi-player experience is a bit easier for them.

As for the zombies experience he says that, “It not as good as I thought it would be, the monkeys are easy to beat and the zombies are smarter than the normal zombies, but not that much.”

The results are in and First Strike made records as the most downloaded map pack in C.O.D. history.

So it must be good and at a good price. But if you’re a Wii user as of right now the Wii gets no map pack but keep your hopes up because there is a new patch coming.

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  1. This Article is trash, shows opinion, Discovery is not the largest map on the new map pack, according to the grid when you hit the start button Berlin wall is the biggest. And the bridges on Discovery can be blown up but they just fall from wear and tare. If you shoot them or walk across them a ton they will also fall. Satidium is not the new Nuketown it is a lot larger and alot more strategic. And nowhere I found (except wikipedia) says that the Stadium is based in New York. Wikipedia is not a credible sorce. I find it’s easier to shoot the bridges not blow them up. And for the zombies, the zombies mental capacity is the same as in every other map. The new zombies map is not the most difficult “Five” is still the most difficult due to you can run circles. The two ziplines on Kowloon allows people to travel around the map yes, but you CANNOT defend your self or attack. As for the rest of the article it is completely opioned based like “happy with the results” 9/10 of my friends hate the new maps. If a reader that was not familar with the game wouldn’t understand things such as “zombies” and “easter eggs” so next time please explain.

    So thanks and no thanks for your opinion based article.

    Wash Boro ( Machinimina )

  2. Ummm Research would have been your best course of action as yet first strike is not available to pc,nothing has been announced for pc by the developer dispite endless inquires by hundreds of pc gamers.

    so in fact you having lied to your readers and this arcticle should be editored to reflect the current perdiciment pc gamers find themselves in.

  3. It has not come out for the PC either, and everything WashBoro has said above is also correct.

    This is just the beginning for him because if you do the Node puzzle you get a surprise – but we’re going to save that for later.

    What do you mean this is just the beginning? You don’t know that.

  4. COD sucks play a game that takes skill like halo were you actually have to aim at the head and not just spray and pray

  5. Thanks for your support my fellow readers, I hope this article gets fixed and corrected.

  6. well 360 got theirs already and the ps3 got theirs pc is next then on may or june 2011 wii will egt one. 360 and ps3 fanboys says wii cannot get its to hardcore to be in the wii well its coming to it i got call of duty black ops for all of them and the wii booklet says call of duty store buy maps and more stuff with it with nintendo points. you guys say its not coming for wii just because you think the wii is not good well its is getting it after pc so shut up about it and be happy you got yours and enjoy it. play for fun because wii players dont have to be sad dont worry im pretty sure you guys will get it it say it in the booklet i swear to god for 360 and ps3 players enjoy yours and for ds players no map packs you guys will not get it just enjoy your online because yupu guys will not get your map packs if you are hoping and looking for it sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for pc players you guys will get it before april so be lucky. for wii you guys will get it but not this month keep checking b=im preety sure it will come for wii.

  7. Haha, Halo sucks too.

    But that’s opinion, like this article.

    But I have an excuse, I’m commenting, not supposedly reporting the news. And by news I mean the author’s opinion.

  8. You are all dumb. This is a high school newspaper not a worldwide newspaper. Hop off.
    [This comment has been edited].

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