The Music Man looks to Attract Large Crowd at Premiere

By Simon Zimmerman-

Another Penn Manor musical sets the stage.

On March 4th the Broadway show, The Music Man, will be premiered at the Penn Manor High School auditorium starting at 7:30 P.M.

The plot of the musical is about a con-man, Harold Hill (Tim Deubler), who is interested in fooling the whole town of River City, Iowa into buying band instruments with promises of assembling a boy band. However, his evil master-minded plan is overthrown when he is introduced to the gorgeous, Marian Paroo (Jill Wiley) who threatens Hill stating that she will inform the whole town of his scheme.

Tim Deubler and Jill Wiley play the leads in the Penn Manor musical "The Music Man". Photo by Carolyn Zimmerman

“It is a pretty famous show and a lot of people know the songs, it’s just a classic,” said Deubler.

The musical will also feature many famous Broadway tunes such as “Ya Got Trouble,” “Till There Was You,” and “Gary, Indiana”.

“‘Ya Got Trouble’ is definitely my favorite song to perform because I am the lead in it and it look me a while to memorize so it was sort of a challenge,” added Deubler.

The Music Man had great success on Broadway, premiering in 1957 and went on to win five Tony’s and an Oscar in 1963. Penn Manor Director Melissa Telesco believes their version will be equally as appreciated.

“I think the audience will enjoy the cuteness of the little kids and the classic harmonies of the barbershop quartet,” said Telesco.

In recent years, all of the musicals were run the same way. In a switch, this year there will be two significant changes.

The obvious change is that the musical will not just be featuring high school students in it’s cast, elementary school children will be starred as well and they are thrilled to be carrying such a heavy burden.

“They are very excited, they are always asking to stay late for more practice,” Said Telesco.

Some of the children have key roles including Chris Sherts who plays Winthrop, Marian’s little brother and Lauren Elledge and Haley Fafel who plays Amaryllis, one of Marian’s piano students.

Elementary school child Chris Sherts sings on stage. Photo by Carolyn Zimmerman

The more noticeable change made in this year’s musical is that it will be open for viewing two weekends in a row, March 4th-5th and March 11th-12th with hopes of gaining a larger revenue and audience.

Each ticket costs $5 for students and $7 for adults prior to March 3rd and $6 for students and $8 for adults if purchased at the door.

Although there are changes this year, the cast and crew will still take their duties and parts as seriously as they always have.

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