The New and Improved MacBook Pro Makes its Debut

By Simon Zimmerman-

The Apple company has recently come out with its new line of updated and improved laptops, hoping to increase sales.

They are still the same style as their previous line, with 13,-15,-and 17-inch sized models and the same prices ranging from $1,199 to $2,499.

As a customer, you would not notice the changes of this new line. This is because all of the real improvements are in the performance, not the cosmetics.

With faster processors, more powerful graphic processors, an HD camera and a USB port called Thunderbolt, this new line could make the church bells ring for hardworking college and high school students.

The benchmark results of the new MacBook Pros compared to the previous ones. Photo Courtesy of

“My laptop is two years old so it is very outdated compared to the (new)line,” said senior Lars Andersen. “So the features are very much improved and I would consider buying one.”

College is swiftly approaching for Penn Manor seniors and many are in need of a new and faster laptop with the hard and grueling work that comes with college.

Purchasing a laptop from this new line would be one way for college students to be more efficient.

According to, “The slowest MacBook Pro performs on par with the fastest previous-generation MacBook Pro, and the fastest MacBook Pro is 80 percent faster than the fastest previous-generation MacBook Pro.”

Therefore, no MacBook before this new line has been more efficient or even close to the same speed.

“I already have a laptop but I wish I would have explored the new MacBook line with all of its new updates,” said disappointed senior Josh Carle.

Although many, like Carle, already have a functioning laptop, the new line of Macbook Pro’s are undoubtedly outperforming the old.

2 thoughts on “The New and Improved MacBook Pro Makes its Debut”

  1. This is the worst thing I have ever read and macs r the biggest peaces of junk ever made. The ONLY good point about a Mac is that there are hardly any viruses. The only resin for this is that no body makes them for macs cuz there so bad in the first plaice. All a Mac is is a highly over priced peace of crap that trendy people like artists like to buy because A. There mommys and daddys r ritch and get them what ever they want or B. They think it’s trendy or they think that it will improve there artistic abilitys. The funny part about the last clame is that most all of the programes available on macs are available on windows or Linux computers. Apple locks there consumers out of there products and only let them acces what they want u to acces. With a pc u can do what ever u want with it. U can use xp, 7, Ubuntu redhat Linux mint or even OSX!!! In the end if u ask me macs are over priced and locked down keeping the user from major customization. And btw about the virus thing. If every one switches to macs all the viruses will be ritten for macs. 🙂 have a nice day

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