Bricker’s Going All the Way

By Matt Ulmer –

Ian Bricker has made it to the Regional Chorus Competition in Pennsylvania with the goal of going to states. It’s not like chorus gets a lot of attention but Bricker ignores it as he goes for the gold.

“Fourth grade was my first year doing chorus when I was a part of the Children Choir of Lancaster,” explained Bricker.

Bricker posing with his normal, happy-go-lucky smile

Bricker is a member of chorus and Manor Singers, which is a select group of advanced vocalists. Being a good singer takes as much skill as being good at a sport. It requires time, energy, and repetition. This was his second year trying out for the country competition. After making the cut, he advanced to his first District Level audition.

“I had seven pieces of music for County’s, and 11 for Districts and Regionals,” said Bricker. “They were all hard for different reasons such as time signatures and rhythm differences.”

It took him two months to prepare for County’s, and after advancing he had only one month to prep for Districts. He gives credit to his music teacher Mrs. Telesco. Telesco earned her music degree at Messiah and is well respected for her knowledge in the music department.

Mrs. Telesco thinks Bricker is an outstanding student.

“He is hardworking, dedicated and has the talent to make to Regionals, but his biggest challenge will be time because he’s in the musical.”

“I was really surprised and happy when I found out I made it to Regionals”, said Bricker

I ended with asking him how he will complete his goal and to express advice for others wanting to meet his mark some day.

“I will work constantly on each piece of music and learn the dynamics. Anyone can learn the music, but it takes a good musician to add the musicality.”

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