Zodiac, the New Hot Spot for Teenage dancing

By Cheyenne Weber

Many students from Lancaster County are getting their dance on in Harrisburg on Saturday nights.

Zodiac Dance Club is an under 21 dance club located in Harrisburg, PA serving York, Harrisburg, and Lancaster in south central Pennsylvania. Zodiac dance club costs $10 to get in.  The Club opens its doors at 8:00 p.m and closes at 11: 30 p.m. In order to get into to Zodiac you must have a state ID, school ID or Driver’s License.

“I laugh at kids who forget their ID and can’t get in because it says on the site must have ID,” said Evan Bigler.

“It’s definitely worth 10 bucks,” said Austin Richwine, a junior at Penn Manor.

Zodiac does have a dress code…

* No Hats, Bandannas, or Do-Rags.
* No Jerseys or Jersey style shirts.
* No Over-sized/Excessively baggy clothing.
* No Grills.
* No Sunglasses.
* No Bags or Backpacks.
* No Lighters or Matches.
* Short sleeve shirts must stop at or above the elbow.
* Shorts must stop at or above the knee.

“It’s dumb I can’t rock Jersey shore style with my sunglasses and hat to Zodiac,” said Jaq Presbery.

Presbery said the dancing is sometimes intense and would probably not be allowed at a high school dance.

“Grinding,” is Presbery’s description of common dancing techniques at Zodiac.

. The type of dancing inside of Zodiac dance club. Photo courtesy of couchfiresports.com

“There’s nothing wrong about getting down and dirty on the dance floor,” said Ryan Mays, a senior.

Zodiac dance club is Located on 706 N. Third Street, Harrisburg, Pa. The entrance is on Third Street across from the Pennsylvania State Museum. The drive is about 45 minutes from Millersville. The club is located off exit 43 of route 283.

“The drive is really not that bad once you know where your going,” said Abby Newport, a senior at Penn Manor.

The dance club has two levels the first level is the video and game lounge which is made up of…
* Soda & Juice Bar.
* Superior Sound System featuring today’s best Club Music.
* Multiple Monitors and large Projection Screens featuring Music Videos.
* Pool Tables.
* Video Games.
* Lounge Area.

The second level is where almost everyone is at and consists of…
* Soda & Juice
* Dance Floor & DJ.
* State of the Art Light Show featuring Lasers and Intelligent lighting System.
* Superior Sound System featuring Live DJ’s with today’s best Club Music.
* Multiple Video Monitors and Projection Screen for Viewing Entertainment.
* Lounge Area.

“The DJ is hot at Zodiac, he is always playing the newest and best music,” said Mays.

Zodiac house DJ is DJ  Squid.

Friday nights are heating up at the dance club, for all those seniors who are 18 years old, already  Zodiac has college night for ages 18 and up from 10 p.m to 2 a.m.

“If you’re looking for a night out with your boys or girls and if your looking for a successful night,  Zodiac is the place to be,” said Richwine.