Verizon iPhone off to Slow Start

By Joey Jackson
Verizon users’ long wait is over, the iPhone is here.

Apple’s iPhone was released on the Verizon network Thursday February 10, but after record claims of online pre-order sales, many were surprised with the turnout on the opening day.

The Apple iPhone is now available on the Verizon network
According to, the iPhone sales for Verizon didn’t live up to the expectations many people had prior to opening day.

There are many theories for why the Verizon iPhone is starting out slow.

These ideas range anywhere from AT&T’s $49 iPhone 3GS that Verizon cannot offer, to the fact that people are unwilling to switch from AT&T to Verizon’s inferior iPhone.

There are a few differences between the Verizon iPhone and the AT&T version.  A few examples of the superiority of the AT&T model are that, on Verizon, you are unable to conference call with more than one other person. Also, it is impossible to surf the web while on a call.

The disappointing sales numbers of the Verizon iPhone can even be represented within Penn Manor, where only one Verizon iPhone user could be found.

Junior Alex Lombardo is the lone student at Penn Manor who went out to buy the Verizon iPhone on the opening day.

“So far I’m happy with it.  It was a little glitchy when I first got it, but by the end of the day it was fine,” Lombardo said.

Verizon almost lost Lombardo to AT&T, but then he said he heard rumors of a deal between Verizon and Apple starting at the beginning of the new year.

Alex Lombardo, one of the few willing to buy the iPhone opening day. Photo by Joey Jackson

“I was going to make the switch, but then I heard rumors that the iPhone was coming to Verizon, so I decided to just wait.”

Others at Penn Manor weren’t as lucky to hear the rumors before they switched.

Junior Bob Warfel was one of those people.

Warfel had the misfortune to switch to AT&T soon before the rumors surfaced.

Although he wouldn’t have switched had he heard about the rumors, Warfel said that he’s not upset that he switched.

“I’d rather have AT&T because I feel like Verizon will have some things to fix since its new with the iPhone, and I hear that the iPhone 5 is coming out six months earlier on AT&T,” said Warfel.

Sales of the iPhone 4 are starting to even out already between AT&T and Verizon, and only time will tell if one carrier will take control.

9 thoughts on “Verizon iPhone off to Slow Start”

  1. I googled the Verizon iPhone and stumbled upon this site here. I realize that the author of this article is a high school student and clearly from his writing he is showing a lot of bias towards the AT&T iPhone. If you’re going to take the time to write an article, at least present all the facts in an unbiased manner.
    You can’t illustrate sales numbers of the Verizon iPhone simply by how few of these sold at your particular school… that’s ridiculous.
    Majority of the sales happened during the pre-order for current Verizon Wireless customers like myself… for many of us we wanted the iPhone but didn’t want to leave Verizon for AT&T. Also, in some parts of the country they don’t get AT&T coverage but do get Verizon coverage so for them, getting the Verizon iPhone was their only option if they wanted an iPhone.

    All the things that you stated that makes the Verizon iPhone “inferior” aren’t a big deal for many of us who have never had an iPhone to begin with… so what if I can’t make a call and surf the web at the same time… I’ll just surf after my phone call. I (and many others) don’t use the Conference Call feature so that’s not a deal-breaking issue either. I’ve been happy with my Verizon iPhone… not one dropped call, plus my friends who have the AT&T iPhone tested my phone in an area where they were getting dropped calls with their iPhone, and mine actually worked better for them with no dropped calls.

    It all comes down to PREFERENCE… some people have a need for the Verizon iPhone… others prefer the AT&T version. Why waste time bickering about which iPhone is superior/inferior?

  2. What do you call gingerbread and honeycomb on an android phone?
    An update
    What do you call updating the software on an apple phone?
    Iphone 5

  3. For your first journal article…not bad…I would like to see you go further and instead of arguing over Verizon/ AT&T…..delve into why teenagers care? how many teenagers actually pay their own bill…in FULL….how has this technology affected teenage relationships???

    how many teenagers are responding to the pleas of the public to not use cell phones while driving?
    alot of other issues regarding this technology and its impact on society could have been investigated???

    I wonder what you will write about next?

  4. I like how NK99’s last line was about wasting time. I wonder if he considered the time he wasted writing that huge respsonse to criticize a high schoolers article.

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