Penn Manor to Host Exciting Hoops Matchup

By Dayonte Dixon –

Penn Manor is hosting the section tie breaker between McCaskey and Hempfield  Friday and even though the Comets aren’t in the game, the hype around the school for the showdown is growing by the minute.

Many Penn Manor students and faculty say they are planning to attend this game of rivals.

“It’s going to be packed,” said Dan Elliot, a Penn Manor varsity basketball player.

Although he didn’t pick a winner, he said he loves watching basketball.

“I don’t really care (who wins),” Elliot said.  “But we should be right there with them.”

It’s not just the basketball players who are excited for this game, the students are just as enthusiastic.

Alex Kirk, a student at Penn Manor said he chooses McCaskey over the Comets’ arch rival, Hempfield.

“I rather McCaskey win because Hempfield just sucks!” said Kirk who also had a hard time picking a winner.

“I dont know, McCaskey is pretty athletic, and Hempfield is just… beast.”

With that much excitement, it’s sure to be a great game, but only time will tell who will come out the section leader, McCaskey or Hempfield. Many will be at the game to find out first hand.