Fast Food and its Crazy Customers

By Kayla Pagan and Lyta Ringo

Working in fast food can be an interesting experience for all involved, but the only way to get the full effect is to experience it hands on.

For many Penn Manor students, working in the fast food field is almost second nature. And we’ve got the first hand scoop on it all.

Many people think that you only find “crazy” customers during the late night hours, and many do come out during those times, however some strange customers come out at all hours of the day.

One night while working drive-thru a man came up to the window, and while I was reaching to hand him his food, he threw all of his money into the air and said “I make it rain.”  I just stood there wondering if he honestly just said that and asked him if he was okay. And the funny thing is he came back later that night to order more food, and paid in complete change. I looked at him and asked “Oh, it’s not raining anymore?” -Kayla Pagan

Lyta Ringo (left) and Kayla Pagan (right)

One afternoon while working the counter, a middle aged lady came up and ordered a cheeseburger happy meal. After receiving her food she proceeded to sit down. A few moments later the lady returned, and threw her sandwich at the cashier screaming that her daughter was allergic to mustard. The cashier told the woman that you can specially order the burger and that they could get her another one however the woman just kept screaming that we should have known she was allergic to mustard. -Lyta Ringo

In fast food you see it all, anything from the woman who doesn’t know what she wants, to the man who can’t speak out his order. Or even the country man, with the hook as a hand.

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