Rec Basketball, To Some, It’s a Way of Life

Some play to stay in shape, but most are there to get serious.

At the start of the rec game, the guys have to show off their vertical to get the ball. Photo by Kyle Hallett

Rec basketball has been around long before most of the current Penn Manor students were born .

Every year, during the winter, the boys that participate in the aggressive game are anxious to get out on the court and give it their all.

The league consists of multiple teams (Penn Manor students only) who are organized and coached by parent volunteers. With about eight people per team, there are ten games and then the play offs. The season begins at the end of December and ends at the beginning of March.

These two months are some of the students’ favorite time of year.

“Rec basketball is not a sport, it’s a lifestyle,” said player Aaron Lugo.

Lugo says he takes rec basketball seriously because it is very important to him. Lugo lifts in the weight room during the off-season to prepare for the next year.

Austin Richwine plays because he loves the game. Richwine says he doesn’t get too competitive, yet has the right competitive edge for the game.

“It takes a true man to be a rec baller,” said Richwine.

Alex Kirk claims he is not the best player on the team, but he puts in a lot of team efforts.

“I play to get the girls,” said Kirk.

Kirk says he must take rec seriously because it cost $50 for the registration fee.

Harry Manning is not one to express many emotions at all, but on the court he is a different person.

“I mostly just play to stay active, but I am serious sometimes,” said Manning.

One person that has a different outlook on rec basketball is Jeff Ford.

Ford plays only because it is something to do.

“I try to be good but not take it serious,” said Ford.

Kirk sinking his foul shots. Photo by Kyle Hallett

Others have different goals for the sport.

“I play for the ladies, pride and obviously the bragging rights over all the other kids in the school,” said Spencer Barnett.

Barnett says he is not the best player because his team members are all one that play together.

“Celtics [Barnett’s team]…championship…this year…number one,” predicted Barnett.

Whether playing for the ladies, the bragging rights or the exercise, rec basketball will continue to be a favorite winter past time for boys at Penn Manor.

By Kyle Hallett