Penn Manor: Maroon Central on Friday

On Sunday morning four Manheim Central students: 9th grader DeVaughn Lee, 10th graders Nicolas Bryson and Cody Hollinger, and 11th grader John Griffith were killed in a car accident on Mount Wilson Road. All four boys were on the school’s football team.

Schools around Lancaster County are going to be showing their sympathy and support for the families of these four boys by wearing maroon, one of Central’s school colors, on Friday, January 21.

Show support on Friday 1/21/11 by wearing Manheim Central's school color, maroon.

Shayna Sanchez, a junior at Penn Manor said she personally knew one of the boys, John Griffith, “I think it’s a really good idea for those who were close to the boys,” said Sanchez, “it’s an easy way for us all to mourn together.”

A Facebook group was created to invite people to join the cause and wear maroon on Friday. This is meant as a way for students and faculty from surrounding schools to silently show their support.

Senior, Brian Ramsey stated, “I think it’s pretty awesome, it’s a cool thing, and it shows support.”

Penn Manor students, please help our school and show your support.

“I thinks it’s good that people are showing support to the friends and family members of this tragic loss,” said sophomore Xavier Suarez, “It’s a sad thing that happened.”

By Lyta Ringo and Kayla Pagan. Jordann Sterkevetz also contributed to this story.

4 thoughts on “Penn Manor: Maroon Central on Friday”

  1. I read about your plans for support of the Manheim community today. My three children graduated from Central and through them I’m an adopted Baron. As a 1967 graduate of Penn Manor, today I’m a proud Comet.

  2. I am a member of the Manheim Central School Board, and on behalf of our school and community I would like to thank you for your support during this incredibly difficult time. Our grief and mourning is beyond description, yet acts of kindness and thoughtfulness like you are exhibiting help us move forward. Thank you.

  3. I’m an MC parent & school district employee. You can’t imagine the grief our district & community is experiencing. Thank you so much for your support of us as we pull together and lift each other up. Even though our schools “compete”, at times like this we are all one big family!

  4. i am a student that gose to pm i think that its so cool that we could do something for the boys hew died i was glad t see that our school did something to show that we care what happend to these boys im sure that their familys are still greving and i hope that they are getting anuff suport its awsome to see how many schools can sit their diffrences aside and all come together to help out another school having a loss

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