Swimmers Take a Loss and a Draw

The water was like an ice cube when their dry bodies became engulfed as they dove in for warm-ups.

Wednesday night at 7:30 p.m., the Penn Manor Swim Team went head to head against Conestoga Valley at F&M college. They went into their third dual meet of the season, not knowing what the turnout would come to, only that it would be a close one for both teams. After the last event ended, the score was announced over the loud speaker. Boys: 91-79 CV, and girls: 85-85, a draw.

The 200 Medley Relay event, which opened the meet, lead both the Penn Manor girls and boys team falling behind in points. Both stole second place.

Penn Manor's Cooper Lindsley swam a great meet. Photo by Liz Lawrence

The 200 freestyle event was next, and was a nail-biting one for the swimmers, coaches, and spectators. Penn Manor’s Cooper Lindsley was neck and neck with CV’s Logan Monger for the entire 8 laps. Monger came out on top, but only by .24 of a second. Lindsley’s time being 1:49.95, was dropped from his previous best by a whole two seconds. Brian Dunne added a couple points to the boys score by placing fourth.

Taking first place with a time of 2:30.58 in the 200 IM (individual medley), was Penn Manor’s Joelle Williamson. Jillian Heckman touched the wall immediately after taking second place with a time of 2:30.82.

The last event before the break was the 50 free. Boys took a one, two winning streak by brothers Casey and Travis Wells, making the score 28-34 CV. Girls placed first and third by Jess Burkhart and Jenna Reel, making the CV girls up by only two points.

A fresh start was granted after the break.

Burkhart took first in the 100 free, and following shortly behind was Heckman. Lindsley and Monger battled it out, yet again in the same event, with same outcome: Lindsley after Monger.

Jillian Heckman also had a great meet. Photo by Harlie Madonna

After the 500 freestyle event the girls were still down by only two points, boys by six. The 200 freestyle relay turned the meet around, giving a lead to the Penn Manor girls. Heckman, Reel, Lauren Longenecker and Burkhart took first and Karen Myers, Kelly DiCamillo, Laura Wissler, and Danielle Warfel took third, scoring a total of 10 points for the team.

C. Wells and Blake Wales had a one, two streak in the 100 breaststroke event.

T. Wells, Armstrong, Trevor Bryne and Lindsley came out on top in the last event, the 400 freestyle relay, but not changing the final outcome, with CV taking the win.

Girls had an extremely intense last relay. They were under tons of pressure to place first and third. There was a last minute switch to make sure that this would happen. Williamson and Myers were switched. At the end of the meet, the Penn Manor girls did take first by the team of Heckman, Reel, Myers, and Burkhart. They also placed third, but the third place team was disqualified due to an early start. Those few points caused the draw.

“We did have some 9th graders that swam new events last night and did really well. I think that’s going to be a good thing for the rest of the season. We start our section schedule next week,” commented coach, CeCe O’Day.

By Jenna Reel