Can I get a Fist Pump Please?

“Smoosh” is the new smash for the Jersey Shore cast members.

For the past two years, millions of teens have been taking a trip to the Jersey Shore every Thursday night on MTV at 10 p.m. and if parents are listening closely enough, they may hear some new and shocking vocabulary their teens are learning from the program.

Since MTV is mainly a teen network, it is safe to say that most of people watching the show are teens.

According to, Jersey Shore is bringing in 2.7 million more viewers than the hit show Teen Mom.  In fact, of all cable shows, Jersey Shore was ranked second out of twenty-five, only under the ESPN Monday night football and right above Nickelodeon’s iCarly.

In essence, Jersey Shore has become the “talk” of the town.  So the question is, is this new hip teen show affecting the way teens live their lives and their vocabulary?

“It doesn’t influence me to act a certain way, but it might influence younger kids who watch it,” said Penn Manor senior Moriah Freeman.

When the show first premiered, it was all about meeting new people and having fun on the Jersey shore.  This past summer, the show in Miami was all about drama, drinking and sex.

In the hopes of starting fresh in the second season, the Jersey Shore characters Ronni, Vinny, Pauly, Mike, Sammi, Nicole and Jeni came to the new house to find more drama, more alcohol and more sex.

The first issue to come about and upset the house was former cast member Angelina, who left the show early the previous season, showing up for some additional fun.

With Angelina there last season, it definitely brought more problems within the house.

Vinny and Angelina had both openly expressed their hate for one another, or what they thought was hate.

After Vinny calling Angelina “the Statin Island dump,” and Angelina saying, more then once, how ugly Vinny is, they certainly found themselves in the smoosh room.

This fires up Nicole because she claims that Angelina “smooshes” or tries to “smoosh” every guy that she does.

The “smoosh room”, or “the community sex room,” was created from an extra bedroom for when the girls or guys in the house bring home a date they met.

After the boys get their “GTL” on (gym, tan, laundry), they come back, relax and then…T-shirt time!

Then it’s time to party. The cast member have found themselves at multiple clubs in one night.

The guys were the ones who mostly came back with the “smoosh partner.”

Of course the majority of the scene is cut out, but the young kids, teens and even some adults watching might take this show a little too seriously.

“Smoosh” has become a popular word in everyday life.

“I don’t think it influences anyone but it definitely makes the show interesting,” said senior Kristi Rineer.

“I think it’s stupid how people think it’s OK to act that way,” said senior Livie Stoltzfus.

“Smoosh was added to my vocabulary,” said senior Brock Kauffman.

Those who are against it, are strongly against it and those who love it, won’t miss a Thursday night.

With another season about to start, this makes us think… what is next?

By Sarah Garner

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  1. This is awful…why would you recap the jersey shore for a penn points article, this is just sad.

  2. Jersey Shore is pathetic…all it shows, is how to completely disrespect yourself and others…

  3. What’s really awful is how you say that the author of this article shouldn’t of wrote it. I don’t see how it is sad. The article is stating that this show, whether people like it or now, is influencing young teens lives. Yes, the show does have horrible things on it, but it is no ones fault but the parents if they allow their kids to watch it. Student who write for Penn Manor write about topics that are talked about all over and people, including myself, enjoy reading about them.

  4. ^ the story isnt even about influencing teen lives, she just recaps a episode bit by bit which is extremely unnecessary and very annoying. RECAP

  5. Actually, even though it is a recap..the author does explain how the show influences young teens by going through the show bit by bit and giving examples of things that happen. So yes laurenmarie, I agree. The author did a great job with this story.

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