Girls Basketball falls to 0-2 Start

With two games into the season, the Penn Manor girls basketball team wants to get on the board with their first win.

The goal they had set out on Thursday was slowly diminished as the Comets fell to a record of 0-2 after losing to the undefeated Elizabethtown Panthers, 26-44.

There were times in the game where the girls looked as they would be going off, but they always seemed to get shut down. Turnovers and missed shots haunted the Comets in their loss.

A winless Comets girls basketball team, “on the season”, will host the Ephrata Mountaineers on December 20th at 8:00pm.

Penn Manor, in the Lancaster-Lebanon Section one, and Ephrata, in the Lancaster-Lebanon Section 2, will both try to climb the ladder in their standings.

Everyone knows it’s a bad start to the season when the loss column is heavier then the win side, but everyone also knows that it only matters how you finish. The girls from Penn Manor are trying to find a way to win their first game, and working really hard during practice to get better.

“Jon Zajac has us working out everyday with bands, tires, and just conditioning that really makes us work. He is becoming a big part of making our team stronger and more athletic,” said Comets’ guard, Abby Newport.

The amount of work and time the Penn Manor girls put into the game of basketball may soon begin to reflect on the progression of their season.

By Ryan Mays