Attention Girls: Get your Eye-black, Power Puff is On!

Eye-black, check. Turf field, check. Cold weather, check. A whole lot of fun, check.

The Penn Manor tradition for a powder puff game will continue in Dec 2010, despite previous rumors that it would be canceled.

Both the senior and junior girls are excited, as well as the senior and junior football players who will act as coaches.

“Powder puff isn’t just a game it’s a way of life,” said senior girls coach, Corey Morales.

The game allows senior and junior girls to get a feel for what the football players experience on Friday nights. The girls get to throw on some eye-black and get physical.

“The game last year was a lot of fun. The best part is throwing on your eye-black and getting all mean and nasty,” said three sport standout (field hockey, basketball, soccer) Katie Breneman.

The powder puff game will be run by the “Penn Manor Pride Club”, also known as varsity club.

“I expect powder puff to be a good game. I expect it to be a lot of fun. I think it’s a great thing for the girls to look forward to,” said Pride Club adviser Brittany Clugston.

Now lets not forget about the coaches.

The senior girls will be coached by football players; Ande Olson, Garrett Young, Kevin Kann, Corey Morales, and Jessen Smith.

The junior girls will be coached by football players; Cody Stryker, Dylan Webber, Alex Cummins, and Trent Crider.

The game allows the football players to coach girls to victory on the gridiron.

The senior powder puff coaches are confident that their class will be victorious.

“It’s extremely exciting to teach the girls something and watch it come to life on the field,” said Kann.

“You have to simplify everything. And try to get the girls a good base and understanding of the game,” said Stryker, a coach for the juniors.

As far as history of the powder puff game goes, the seniors have been victorious more than not.

“We know we’re the underdog, but we think we can make it a lot closer than a lot of people think,” said Stryker.

“Our key to winning is our speed and strength,” said junior go-to girl Alicia Ygarza.

Thursday, December 9th at 6:30 pm, the girls will be ready to do battle.

By Jessen Smith